Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak, has been announced as the co-founder of a new venture capital fund. The company is known as EQUI Global and it will be focusing on blockchain technology. The information has been released some days ago by the business outlet Veredict.

Steve Wozniak Announced as Co-Founder of Blockchain Venture Capital Fund

Veredict informs that Wozniak has been announced as the co-founder of EQUI Global. The venture capital fund focuses exclusively on blockchain technology. At the same time, the firm is built on a blockchain-powered backend.

The decision to be the co-founder of the company is related to the announcement made by Wozniak a few months ago. Back in August, he said that he was thinking to become ‘involved’ in a blockchain project.

EQUI Global wants to enable institutional investments and allow investors to trade on different crypto exchanges. However, this will be performed through EquiTokens. This token will be based on the famous blockchain network Ethereum (ETH). Currently, Ethereum’s network is used by several decentralized applications (dApps).

Furthermore, the company will be offering its services to sophisticated investors that focus on venture capital funds. The firm aims at facilitating the trading experience liquidating tokens through cryptocurrency exchanges.

As per the report, the fund will mostly invest in technology companies. However, a small part of its investments will go to real estate and art.

Wozniak said that the company wants to fund technology startups that will succeed tomorrow. At the moment, the company has partnered with other 20 businesses that were not yet officially launched.

It seems that Wozniak is very positive about the future of EQUI Global. As Apple’s co-founder, Wozniak has received several job offers in the past from many different companies. However, he mentioned that this is ‘about the second time in twenty years’ that he agrees to be involved in a project.

The company has been created over a year ago with the intention to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Nonetheless, the plans changed and now it works in a different way.

With this involvement in the space, Wozniak could change his point of view about blockchain. He commented in the past that blockchain is a ‘bubble’ similar to what happened back in the 90s with dotcom companies.


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