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Chinese Internet Court to Leverage Blockchain Benefits in Protecting Writers Intellectual Property

Blockchain technology continues to expand in the market, especially in China. An Internet Court in Hangzhou decided to implement blockchain technology and fight piracy at the expense of online writers. The information was recently released by the media outlet

Writers on the internet can have difficulties to safeguard their work against stealers. However, the Hangzhou court has found a solution to this issue. Using blockchain technology, the process of work in cyberspace can now be used as evidence in a court. This allows internet courts to manage these internet cases and allow plaintiffs to file their complaints online.

Wang Juangqiao, a judge at the internal court, mentioned that writers presented screenshots and downloaded content as evidence, but it was hard to gain legal recognition as the process was not credible enough.

Hangzhou is one of the cities with the largest online writers in China, as reports. There are 107 online writers that work in a village in the Binjiang District of the city.

Blockchain technology allows data not to be modified and protect users that write online. On the matter, the report says quoting Mr. Wang:

“Blockchain guarantees that data cannot be tampered, due to its decentralized and open distributed ledger technology. Therefore, all digital footprints stored in the judicial blockchain system — authorship, time of creation, content and evidence of infringement — have legal effect.”

It is difficult for online writers to prove that a piece was written by them. In general other users take the articles and copy them to benefit from that. However, there are some difficulties to prove that the article was written by a specific person.

The decision that was taken by the court is in line with China’s Supreme Cour ruling from early September in which they’ve mentioned that blockchain can be legally used to authenticate evidence.

There are many different applications of blockchain technology in different industries around the world. The financial industry is one of the most benefited with it.

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