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Enjin Blockchain Ecosystem Set for Use in Titan Flight Studio's Gaming Design

Titan Flight Studios is the latest gaming development firm to join the bandwagon of Fin Tech players using the Enjin (ENJ) blockchain network for its design.

Enjin made the announcement via its twitter handle on 3rd December 2018 showing their excitement towards Titan’s milestone;

“We’re excited to announce the next adopter to join the ranks!Titan Flight Studios will integrate blockchain into their live arcade game ReBounce, upcoming esports title, and future retail gamification projects. Welcome to the movement”

The move will see Titan Flight use the ERC-1155 standard to create Enjin backed tokens for its gaming ecosystem. Clearly, blockchain’s adoption in the gaming industry is on an increasing trend as more developers leverage its fundamental value. Titan’s design approach is to develop their own token ‘Titan’ which will be compatible with their game releases.

According to the official announcement, the altcoin’s fundamentals in detail;

“The cryptocurrency will be based off the ERC-1155 token standard which will make it easily integrated into our games and apps. On top of this, we will use Enjin’s ERC-20 adapter to make the token fully compatible with all ERC-20 wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges,”

So far, Titan has made significant progress with its pioneer game set to launch in December 2019. The game which involves players bouncing off a wall for the longest period is set for launch in both Google Play & iOS stores. It’s set to debut by the name ‘ReBounce’ and has an arcade orientation for mobile gaming.

Enjin’s progress in the past weeks is also a motivating factor for this move. The blockchain-oriented firm recently launched a QR designed crypto airdrop known as ‘Beam’ to facilitate faster distribution of the digital currencies. Furthermore, they can be leveraged for token sales and authentication of blockchain related incentives.

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