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Google News, Apple News, and Facebook Feed do a decent job of surfacing quality content, but the largest publishers and the ones with a budget typically win the competition for attention on those platforms. A couple months ago we asked ourselves: “What would these services look like if they were completely powered by the reader, for the reader, outside of the Big-Tech walled gardens?” Our response: Social Blockchain.

We take in sharing data from millions of websites and store them in a Permissioned Blockchain with a centralized system to determine transaction order and validity so we can always verify historical data has not been tampered with. We then build search and analytics on top of this data. The result is a consumer-focused, content-rich interface powered by the actions of 100m people across millions of websites. The stories are grouped into a wide range of topics and categories so you can always find something that fits your interests.

Check it out at and leave us some feedback! 🙂

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