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  • Fnatic partnered with blockchain-based trading platform WAX for a pre-LEC fan event.
  • The platform was used for giveaways of digital collectibles such as custom stickers and Fnatic-branded physical merchandise.
  • Similar licensed WAX stickers have been produced for soccer team Manchester City and for Mock-It Esports.

Fnatic held a live fan event on Jan. 13, and as part of the festivities the esports team announced it has partnered with blockchain-based trading platform Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) to give virtual and physical items away to fans during the event.

The ‘Legends in Action – Live’ event featured members of Fnatic’s Database-Link-e1521645463907 League of Legends Database-Link-e1521645463907 team appearing in Berlin and online to hype the impending LEC season on Jan. 18. As part of the event, Fnatic partnered with WAX “to gift authentic digital collectibles and branded physical merchandise to global eSports fans in real-time during a live stream event this Sunday,” according to the announcement from WAX.

In a graphic on the same post, physical items such as Fnatic-branded mice and keyboards are shown, as well as jackets and custom-designed Air Jordan sneakers. Digital items take the form of limited-edition digital ‘stickers’ that can be traded through the digital platforms that are powered by WAX’s ExpressTrade platform.

For physical merchandise, fans receive a digital token that represents it and the token can be traded and sold through WAX’s platform (often known as vIRL). The token can also be ‘cashed out’ at any time to have the physical item shipped.

But in that interim, WAX claims its advantage is to offer a unique token system that has the same reliability as the physical item itself, but without the hassle of shipping until someone actually wants to take possession of the real thing.

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WAX is closely associated with OPSkins Database-Link-e1521645463907, the CS:GO Database-Link-e1521645463907 skin trading service that was banned by Valve in June 2018. The WAX cryptocurrency has been supported on OPSkins since Dec. 2017, developed as a new crypto offering by the OPSkins team and is now managed under the same corporate leadership.

OPSkins has since pivoted to become a service that champions the concept of ‘VGO’ items – game-agnostic virtual items (based largely on the same guns and knives found in CS:GO) that can be bought, sold, and traded through a trusted, independent platform.

Right now, these virtual items exist only on the blockchain record and within the images and data found on the WAX / OPSkins platform. The system maintains an open-access ‘explorer’ to allow all items – physical or virtual – to be browsed via its blockchain data records.

Long term, WAX’s ambition is to partner with game developers so that skins traded on the platform can be used and enjoyed in a wide range of games. To date one Early Access game, The Forge Arena, supports VGO skins.

The WAX digital stickers and other virtual items being created for Fnatic can be granted similar levels of rarity as with any other digital items traded on the platform, with values ultimately determined by what others on the platform are willing to pay. Similar licensed WAX stickers have been produced for soccer team Manchester City and for Mock-It Esports.

WAX offers Twitch overlay integration, allowing streamers to both conduct giveaways and to receive WAX-based tips or gifts from viewers for use on the ExpressTrade platform.

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