LokChain: The only 2048 bits encryption blockchain built for scaling and interoperability

High-Security Hybrid-Blockchain Platform   

Company: LokDon, LLC

Corporate Address: 1225 Laurel St unit 408 Columbia, SC, USA 29201

Description of business: We’re building a platform that is focused on integrating distributed ledger, mobile, and IoT as one cryptographic secure ecosystem. We  offer a server-less operating system with both public, private, and  consortium distributed ledgers using Secret Key Infrastructure (SKI)  that’s able to deliver quantum computing immunity for small scale users, enterprises, decentralized applications, and IoT.

LokDon, LLC is a secure hybrid blockchain software development startup built on the labor of love.  We are a team of dedicated professionals who love blockchain technology (emerging technology)and hope to bring the best there is in it. We come from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. What the team have in common is the innate need to solve problems regardless of how small or big.  

Majority of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Blockchain in their current states are not scaling: A fraction are truly P2P  networks; a handful of these are quasi-decentralized; their implementation are rife with vulnerabilities. As a result, crypto-jacking is a new and rising cyber security threat.  LokChain platform is designed to mitigate and prevent this problem.


LokChain means the development of an  ecosystem consisting of protocols, a platform, and a suite of  technologies that improve and securely integrate distributed ledgers or blockchains, mobile, and IoT.

Be a part of something great! Support LokChain Platform:

We believe that a hybrid-blockchain approach with the removal of all server (centralization) infrastructures will pave the way for interoperability – In turn, all platforms will scale at once, leading to  cross-organization, cross-data storage, and cross certification. Mobile, IoT and Blockchain will be a match made in heaven.   

We have successfully resolved over 16 problems identified in the current blockchain space. 

All the technology modules behind LokChain Platform vested over 17+ years of research to potent patents that will augment the  imminent and nascent distributed ledger technology (Blockchain):

1. Distributed Ledger system for eTransaction DLSeT (LokChain) Nov, 2017 Provisional 62584736

  • SDK and API for developers
  •  Products:
  • Universal Wallet Address-software utility built with SDK
  • This  is an encrypted addressing system which marries the biometrics, what  one has, and what one knows to present a string verified by the  community through prove of work. This is an ‘alphnumericspecialchar’ of  max 32. There is an option for human readable format. 
  • Authentication API -software utility
  • This  is a cross platform API developed to allow other enterprises  and/organization easy registration using Lokdon for secured all  encrypted profile creation.

2. End-point to end-point cryptography system for mobile and IoT (ECSMID) Jan, 2017, Jan, 2018 Non-Provisional 62448560

3. Industrial Internet Encryption System 1.0 (IIES1) Apr, 2018 Provisional 62661765

We humbly invite you to join us in this opportunity, be the first to use our multi-purpose messenger; social media decentralized application built on LokChain Plaform. This application brings the buyers and the sellers together in one place.- The killer application is here. You can even do a micro crowdfund all on your mobile device (Android, IOS and Web app). LokDon decentralized wallet application (LokDon DWA) is in Beta and will be built on the LokChain platform which is currently in the works. 

This is a clear demonstration of the capability  of LokChain Platform through this decentralized application. LokDon decentralized wallet application (LokDon DWA 1.0) solves many problems we all can relate to. It will change the way we think as it accomplishes:

1. Identity theft will be a thing of the past soon. 

2. All your data are encrypted, unique and irreducible. 

3. Your data is yours and they cannot be scraped or mined. 

4. Your privacy is always intact, and you are compliant. 

5. You save money on your data storage with peace of mind. 

6. You don’t have to manage a single key: No third parties! 

7. You can even sell your data to the Big Techs for extra income.

LokDon DWA 1.0 is free for 90 days to all who are interested. As for those who pledged, they will have access to the application for1 full year from the time of pledge. Some versions will always be free of charge. We are hoping to raise funds to build LokChain platform.  It will  be a ready made, high functionality, high performance  software accelerator which comes with some consumable solutions in terms  of the technologies, development and protocols. It combines Mobile, IoT  and Blockchain into one ecosystem by using a benevolent cryptography  and secure integration practices.

This platform includes a  server-less operating system with permission and permission-less blockchain using a secret key infrastructure (SKI) that is able to  deliver quantum immunity for small scale users, enterprises,  decentralized applications and internet of things (IoT). We are confident in deploying 2048 bits  encryption (derived from AES) because it has successfully resolved over 16 problems  identified in the current blockchain space. 

With that being said, ” We are combining mobile, IoT and Blockchain into one ecosystem”. Imagine the extent of relief that we can gain by doing so. It will be quite amazing. 

It is true that we are focusing on one thing at a time so that we can give you a taste of what is in store. We encourage you to look into our timeline and be reminded of this grand goal. We want you to share our challenges, sorrows and happiness. We are building this piece of technology for you and we want you to be a part of it to the very end. 

The Applications of LokChain are Endless

The home service industries will see many days of privacy and data security with this. We aim to make LokChain a crypto-industry technology that can be  used by governments, businesses and enterprises. We’ll seamlessly merge people, product and technology. We’ll strengthen an advanced global  barter system where possible. And above all, we aim to keep your privacy private and your data secure.

We hope to make LokChain a powerful crypto-industrial technology. 

  • Our platform will be used by governments, businesses and enterprises 
  • It guarantees a seamless merging of people, products, and technology into one economic system 
  • LokChain should ensure that people contract, transact, distribute, share and secure immutable record in one decentralized network  
  • LokChain should cause automated changes in commerce and enterprises by eliminating third parties  in banking, finance, health, legal, retail, construction, census  manufacturing, agriculture, property registry, elections, pod habitation  and security exchange with little or no trust.
  • LokChain will economically strengthen an advanced industrial barter system 
  • We’ll end the stealthy exfiltration of data by edge deices, data aggregators, analytics, and processors. 
  • LokChain runs with data – but it’s in the users’ control.  LokChain allows users to dictate the fate of their data. They can sell  it, and engage grounds that can auction the data to the highest bidder.  No one else have control of your data on LokChain. 


“Secure your Mobile, IoTdata with the power of our hybrid-blockchain platform.” “Easily add our blockchain encryption to any app to make it truly decentralized private and secure.”


Here’s How LokChain’s Different

  • Transactions will happen at 850,000/sec or more
  • We use and understand secure data life cycle 
  • We encrypt our data and use IAM based on biometric (physiological and behavior patterns) 
  • We use secret key infrastructure
  • We’ll offer 100% decentralization via local consensus: removing mining completely 
  • 2048 Bits encryption, a great quantum computing immunity
  • Secure data life cycle makes possible IoT, inter-blockchain in the mobile world
  • Use secret key infrastructure (SKI) via Digital Data Nucleic Authority (DNA)

LokChain is for mobile and IoT users who want to experience 850K TX/s  when doing business on blockchain platforms (like transferring money,  social finance, exchange, and more) in the western and emerging markets.

Our  market is mostly in blockchain (home service industry), mobile, and IoT entrants. That market  is growing quickly. We plan to develop a platform with the purpose of  scaling our app development to decentralized application (Dapp) – allowing payments through local  consensus. We believe this will increase our usage and  match mobile penetration. We also will be able to enable people to  create their own automated PDFs with JotForm PDF Editor – another market  that is expected to grow. 

Global smartphone market value will reach $1.50T by 2026 

Transparency Market Research

Global IoT market  value will reach $8.9T in 2020, attaining a 19.92% Compound Annual Growth Rate 


Global blockchain market size is expected to grow from USD 1.2 billion in 2018 to USD $23.3 billion by 2023 



Our team is full of people seeking solutions, made up of individuals  with the perfect relevant talents. Our company culture believes in  respecting others, but holding onto strong purpose-driven values. We  recruit and hire like-minded people from across the globe who  desperately want to make a difference. We’ve worked together for 2 years  to hone this technology – after 17+ years of research. Because of our  awareness in the weaknesses of the present blockchain and  internet of things, we’re  passionate about finding solutions. We’ve got a team with over 100 years  of combined experience in security, mathematics, computer science,  engineering, blockchain, software engineering, PM, fullstack Dev, AI, ML,  Crypto investment and mobile / IoT App. development.  

Our business model is quite unique. We have products and these will be made public in batches. Our profit will come from the subscriptions and licenses of our products.  

We also expect to generate a significant amount of revenue from the other services we offer. We are confident to meet the future challenges with  our current solutions. Especially with the proliferation of IoT and  other related technologies. We know that our platform will be needed  more than ever because it reduces security threats by removing third  party entities.

The proceeds from Kickstarter will be used to finance our infrastructure on a global scale. We believe that this funding can help us reach our goal, this will cause a natural rise in our ability to solve complex problems. These responsibilities, simply mean that we must grow through acquisition of talents.

We also plan to raise a team of software  developers, engineers, to complete the LokChain platform. We’ll invest  in scientists, engineers, business strategists, marketers, and community builders. We’ll invest  in education and research – by reaching out to young hopeful engineers,  and relevant startups. This will also help us build a future of  entrepreneurs – something we care about. We’ll invest in sales,  marketing personnel, contractors, C-Suites, advisors, and counsels.  Lastly, we’ll build infrastructures and innovation centers across the  globe – which we also believe we’ll bring value to investors and  contributions in that way.  

TIMELINE – LokChain Platform

This is not an offer of investment for equity: This is a sincere and diligent request, asking you to support us in building something great through donations with perks. Let’s work together for the common good of guarding; securing both our privacy and data. Feel free to contact us with your idea, question  and support. We need all the love we can get!!! 

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