Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Testing cheap vs expensive self tanners!
Summer try on haul:

In today’s video I am testing a $4 (well technically $6, but $40 vs $6 doesn’t sound very good does it?) vs $40 self tanner! The $40 self tanner I bought at Sephora, it was the St. Tropez Tanning Mist. I love the idea of using a mist rather than a lotion because it seems easier to apply. The $4 self tanner was the Banana Boat Summer Color self tanning lotion. In the end, I thought they were actually pretty similar. The $40 self tanner was a little better in my opinion because it was darker. However, the $4 self tanner can give you a nice glow without any streaks or being super orange. Let me know which you thought was better in the comments below! Also, let me know which other cheap vs expensive makeup or food you want to see!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

38 replies
  1. wolfadile hunter
    wolfadile hunter says:

    I love the banana boat one. Its a product you can build, never leaves streaks, and lasts for days. I would never spend $40 on a self tanner lol it looked pretty awful.

  2. Dean Hunstock
    Dean Hunstock says:

    You can keep applying the banana boat after 3 hours until you get the desired darkness you want😁 I applied for 12 hours😂😂 I wanted to get DARK*

  3. Momma Bear
    Momma Bear says:

    That wasn't the tan though. It was just the color guard that you wash off after a few hours. The tan will look different later. Plus how well they fade is the most important part.

  4. kat devona
    kat devona says:

    Loving tan is way better than st tropez apparently , every st tropez tan I’ve bought I’ve been so disappointed in and found drug store ones better

  5. Fabulous Erik
    Fabulous Erik says:

    Tbh i would recommend the $4 one to people that want to try a self-tanner for the first time, but don't want to risk getting too dark. After all, it looks more realistic to me than the $40 one.

  6. MissHannah2036
    MissHannah2036 says:

    That was just the colour guard tint you had on there, did you shower that excess off. You're not to know how it truly develops until you shower the colour guard off. Sprays are to messy I'd still to mousses and creams with colour guard. Interesting experiment though.

  7. Blake Smith
    Blake Smith says:

    Honestly, both look great. I don't think they look orange. Just apply the Banana boat twice. It will get darker the more applications you do. And it is less expensive. No brainer.

  8. Michelle Foster
    Michelle Foster says:

    The lotion takes at least 9 hours to set, and about 4 coats to have a visibly dark tan. The spray needs a tanning mit to spread more evenly. This video was just rushed and she clearly didn't do her research to get the best results for her viewers and for this test.

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