I wanted to show you guys how I do a quick, messy bun when I’m in a hurry. I think messy buns are so easy and effortless looking, plus just cool! I have really fine and thin hair, so this is a perfect tutorial if you have a similar hair type and struggle getting volume and texture in your buns. I hope you enjoy!! xx

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Thank you all for watching my easy messy bun tutorial! I hope you all enjoyed this fast and easy messy bun hair tutorial! This easy messy bun bun is really simple to do — perfect for a morning when you are in a hurry easy messy bun tutorial. Thank you sooo much for watching my easy messy bun tutorial and please subscribe!


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  1. Taylee Heldt
    Taylee Heldt says:

    i always want a really cute messy bun like this, but (although i'm thankful usually) I have very thick, very coarse nearly 2.5 feet long hair AND THIS NEVER WORKS 🙁

  2. Morgan Ellsworth
    Morgan Ellsworth says:

    Your videos are so simple and easy to follow because you're really good at explaining every step which is very helpful for a person who can't even do a ponytail a.k.a. me 🙂

  3. Carly Mosher
    Carly Mosher says:

    Omg – why have I only just now found this video?!?! I have super fine, straight hair & can never do a messy bun…. and any tutorial I watch is always so hard to reproduce. But this was was ridiculously easy & I have the absolute cutest messy bun! Thank you for this – you’ve changed my hair game!

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