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This is part four in a series of watercolor painting tutorials that will show you how to paint a hair and an ear. Then the series will continue demonstrating how to paint a face with watercolor techniques, leading up to a full watercolor portrait tutorial. What you see here is a speed painting at 8x normal time. Filmed and edited by my supercool husband Jeff. Thanks for watching!

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Painting details:
“Ponytail and Ear” is a 10″x8″ watercolor on Arches 140 lb watercolor paper.
It was taped to a piece of masonite with Kraft paper tape.
Colors used: cadmium red light, cadmium yellow medium, dioxazine mauve, phthalo blue, raw sienna (all by Old Holland), and opera (by Holbein)
More information is listed at the end of the video.

Nail polish: Estee Lauder Pure Color nail lacquer in Pink Clouds 🙂
Music: “Groove Grove” and “Artifact” Kevin MacLeod (


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30 replies
  1. Geeta Niranjan
    Geeta Niranjan says:

    What is the thing that you used on the paper before painting as you continued painting the impressions got appeared automatically like the earring and some impressions on the hair. Please tell.

  2. Ayantika Sil
    Ayantika Sil says:

    Seriously 90 minutes to complete the whole painting or only till that point when she said "90 minutes" .
    OMG…… God just help me understand how do people draw so well…..
    It is just another awesome piece which blew my mind

  3. H Razo
    H Razo says:

    The artists who feel they take too long or haven’t reached her skill yet. Imagine if she had paint 3,000 paintings to get the experience to paint this ear. You just need to paint like a bat out of hell and practice techniques. It’s the only way to reach her level. You can do this though!

  4. Pull over! it's da popo's!
    Pull over! it's da popo's! says:

    OMG I can kind of draw hair (digitally) but I hate it so much. It either comes out perfect, eh, or too stringy like I just drew a bunch of lines. I hate drawing hair and skin, but those things make ur drawing more realistic.

  5. Fairy Tail
    Fairy Tail says:

    Uhmm. Maam is it possible to add the masking fluid for highlights after the watercolor dried or something? Im used to acrylic paints and i learned to put white and light areas for highlights last. Thanks

  6. caleb7420
    caleb7420 says:

    Thank  you so much, Kelly.  I loved watching this.  I have been doing art for a long time and am self taught.  However, your video inspires me to get some instruction.  In fact I am tearing up in appreciation of your skills and your willingness to share what you know.  Namaste'

  7. Debbie Mitchell
    Debbie Mitchell says:

    90 minutes, she means actual painting time. Not the drawing, masking, waiting for the paint and paper to dry completely, removing the masking, etc… That should help everyone who feels discouraged, watching this amazing artist.

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