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My name is Denisa Medrano and I am a Doll Hair Designer with 18 years of experience is the Toy Industry, specializing in doll hair. My career started at MATTEL in 1998, as a Barbie Hair Designer. I now Freelance for Leading Toy Companies. I absolutely love my job, and want to share my knowledge with everyone in the Doll Community. SHARING IS CARING! 🙂

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* All doll reroots that you can see in my videos are done with an industrial machine. This machine is for professional use only – only trained professionals are allowed to operate it. It takes years of training and practice to master using it. The machine is not available to the general public and can be found only in toy companies. I did my training on this machine during my employment at MATTEL. It was given to me by one of my clients in order to use it for prototype making, which is my primary job title – Product Development.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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    Аиша Хангереева says:

    How could you be hitted upon to it?in good sense!you are magnificent!in youtobe it is difficult to find such talented doll blogers
    )sorry to my English) I know but not to the end!to me in fact 11) I Wish all most kind!❤❤
    Скажите мой английский хорош?я сама казашка)люблю смотреть ваши видео

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