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Both of these styles take less than 5 minutes. Super easy for you gals on the go!
Sorry about the loud music!! I had some editing problems and didn’t realize!

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

50 replies
  1. Alyna Ohanian
    Alyna Ohanian says:

    I came up with a way to have more control over the nylon scarf! I took old hairspray and sprayed the scarf on both sides, and now it slips a lot less! Let me know if that works for u:)

  2. Melissa Kyle
    Melissa Kyle says:

    I have been doing these styles for a long time and they are my go to styles when my hair doesn't want to cooperate with me. Thank you for showing me an easier way to do the all up do.

  3. TinaBaraba
    TinaBaraba says:

    Wow thank you Cherry! This was soooo helpful because I just learned, that I was doing my pompadour completely wrong the whole time -_- Where do yo buy your nylon scarfs? Etsy? 🙂 

  4. Jordyn
    Jordyn says:

    i cant get any kind of scarf to stay in my hair when it's up or down, so frustrating, does anyone else have the same problem or any solutions, i've tried, kirbys (bobby pins) and those little snap clips but it still doesn't stay, help :/ xx

  5. Lucy Lorelei
    Lucy Lorelei says:

    I always wished I had a widow's peak, like Marilyn AND Cherry! 🙂 I even tried tweasing my super thick hairline, I was eleven and obsessed with Marilyn. Let's just say it did not work out. Hah

  6. RacingGirl13
    RacingGirl13 says:

    I always do my pompadour with wet hair. I put gel through it and then use the same technique you do in the first style. Hold it with bobby pins and then slick it into a bun. I wear it like that when I'm running late. Works great!

  7. NonaPhilippa
    NonaPhilippa says:

    I always wear a quiff in my hair as when I get hot my fringe starts to curl in an in flattering way but this is a great way to show different styles as usually I just have a ponytail

  8. Shelby Gossett
    Shelby Gossett says:

    I do that messy bun all the time, so this will help dress it up. Also I have a widows peak, a severe one, and I never thought pomps would look good on me. But after seeing this I am convinced 🙂

  9. dasher girl gone wild
    dasher girl gone wild says:

    Did it on the first try, although it took a few minutes to get the hang of teasing then smoothing. LOL You're a great teacher! Now, I just need bigger bandanas! Oh, and I NEVER thought of pinning bandanas to keep them on before… it's a whole new world. LOL

  10. Rachel McLoud
    Rachel McLoud says:

    Whoops! …doesn't tease easily, but I used dry shampoo for texture and it worked like a charm! I worked in a side pony and clipped in a hair flower. It turned out so cute and really turned some heads! Thanks so much!

  11. Lauriti
    Lauriti says:

    I do the sideways pompadour with braid every day, but when I use it loose, I get called Ariel all the freaking time >.<


  12. deedeevondead
    deedeevondead says:

    "Embrass it" I love it!(o: I actually myself have a widows peak as well. I have a funny story back when I was a kid I was probably around ten years old and my siblings would always tease me about my widows peak

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