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Hey Babes!!! GRWM with this natural glam makeup tutorial. I’ve been cleaning out my own friendship closet and being more diligent about who I allow to influence my energy and how I may be potentially influencing others. Letting go of or distancing yourself from others can come off as a negative change however we are each in full control over how other people influence us. Ever get on the phone happy and once the conversation is done with friend or family member and you are upset, sad, focused on the negative? Well I have felt that way too many times and it’s come to a point that I just prefer to avoid that energy all together. Let me know your prospective in the comments. Thanks for watching!


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27 replies
  1. journei ofasongbird
    journei ofasongbird says:

    Preach🙏🏾when tha struggle is real just to be you pep add to tha bolder😑 this depression is a b*&$ but when I come up for air and watch you well… I just take a deep breath

  2. Kierra Malone
    Kierra Malone says:

    Glam, what it do? Why was I like 2 seconds into the video and an ad popped up 😔? Your hair and makeup is always on point 👍. I'm under 30 but I am reevaluating my like and the type of company/energy I entertain.

  3. starg1881
    starg1881 says:

    What is your sign?? We are so much alike, as far as the conversation in this video! I'm a Sagittarius btw. Love these chit chats so relatable sis💛

  4. Jakita Nichole
    Jakita Nichole says:

    Glammmm!!!!!. Love your make up look. So beautiful. I dont have many friends at all. Maybe 2. Honestly. I agree with you. I am at a different point in my life. And I'm now a woman who knows what she wants and can choose the type of energy I need to be around. But ummm. Yea. You was my friend the first day I came across your channel. And now you family. Ask any one in my house, I bet you they know who glam is. Lol. I love your spirit and your energy boo. Keep doing what you do. 😘😘

  5. mydestiny84
    mydestiny84 says:

    Yeah what you calling putting ppl on is teaching them to fish. I don't back here because you empower me to do what I need. You encourage me to do me and not just watch you do you. If you stay on here I'll probably watch all through med school. Give a man fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime

  6. mydestiny84
    mydestiny84 says:

    I need transition color. My lids are hooded now so only color will look like just eyeliner when I open my eyes. So since I have to take my shadow closer to my brows the transition both ties the look together and moves my "crease" to where I need it to be

  7. denea whisonant
    denea whisonant says:

    Beautiful I’m learning with u ,and I feel the same way u feel about the friendship problems I’m 41 and never had friends all I do is work and take care of my kids and I’m so frustrated it’s like I know what I want but I don’t know how to go about getting it hope u can help😘😁

  8. Anekia Davenport
    Anekia Davenport says:

    Glam I already feel like you've been my online homegirl lol!! I love you so much! I like really feel like I know you. You keep it real and you're so wise. You drop knowledge bombs like nobody's business and I would love nothing more than to have a friend like you in my real life. But I 100 percent feel you on having friends or just people in general with good energy around you as you get older. I'm 31 years old and I have one best friend and she lives all the way back home in Atlanta. I've been living in California for 6 years and I don't have not 1 friend. It's partly because of the city I live in here (Fresno) and I just haven't met any quality to people to share my life with. My husband is my only friend. Having friends of substance is important. Even if they can't help you financially, just talking about and being about leveling up in life is enough for me. I wish us both the best in finding quality and wholesome friends.

  9. Sharsmaine Hawkins
    Sharsmaine Hawkins says:

    hey online homegirl. I felt what you was saying. I am feeling that way now. No close friends at all and I get bored ..  I'm 35 bout to be 36 and want close friends that I can win with.

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