Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Finally brought my mom back on my channel! Thanks for letting me continue to take my break while making videos with my loved ones. I’ll be back with more content very soon!

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➕Products mentioned

AM Routine
– Skin Need Light Cleanser
– Skin Need Light Toner
– Skin Need Hyaluronic Acid
– Paula’s Choice resist anti-aging eye gel
– Skin Need UV Perfect (in light beige)

PM Routine
– Paula’s Choice Resist Hydrating Cleanser
– Skin Need Light Toner
– Skin Need Hyaluronic Acid
– Skin Need 100% Squalene
– Skin Need Placenta Cream Base
– Skin Need membrane lipids repair
– Pyunkang Yul Eye Cream

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

42 replies
    SACHEU says:

    Remember to convert the currency before looking at prices on Skin Need cuz ur girl is not out here using some $400USD skincare ok!!

  2. Viwern Wong
    Viwern Wong says:

    You’re the only chinese youtuber who includes Cantonese in your videos 😍😭💖 it’s so different and entertaining! And I absolutely love how your mom talks she’s soooo cute and SHE LOOKS AMAZING

  3. Kate Martinez
    Kate Martinez says:

    I was so destructed by your beautiful mom and doughtier interaction that I have to watch it once again to get skin routine tips 😛
    p.s. May you and your gorgeous mom be always happy and healthy ;D

  4. Kim Hoang
    Kim Hoang says:

    Hi Sarah! I loved this and your mum looks so young!! I'm an Esthetician and the only thing I would say about this routine is to always apply a hydrating moisturizer after you've used any hyaluronic serum to lock in the benefits of the hyaluronic acid into your skin. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant which yes is a substance that draws water from the air into your skin but if the air is really dry, on a plane for example, then the next place it'll draw moisture from is your skin. In turn it will draw moisture out of your skin, causing it to dry out. So applying moisturizer on top will lock in the Hyaluronic acid and help it draw moisture from that into your skin when there isn't enough in the air.

  5. Hannah X
    Hannah X says:

    I was checking on Paula’s Choice from the internet earlier. Then YouTube suggested this video to me. And she suggest Paula’s! Now it make me thinking About how the internet tracking me to this point. But I am going to get Paula for sure because you two are gorgeous!

  6. Andrea Garay
    Andrea Garay says:

    did you ever deal with textured skin? I have never had a pimple or breakouts but I started to get texture/small bumps on my skin that is noticeable with foundation so I can't wear any :/ wondering if you had any tips or if this routine would help thanks!!

  7. Beryl Chau
    Beryl Chau says:

    As a Hong Konger myself I’m feel so proud of what you’ve accomplished on YouTube so far you have a great personality and I love the aesthetic of your channel keep it up gal xx

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