Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

In this video I show you my male model morning skincare routine.

I wanna mention that my camera and lighting in my bathroom makes my skin look much worse than it really does in real life. It picks up every small detail including healing acne marks from weeks ago.


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Ke Chen
    Ke Chen says:

    I'd recommend a Korean style routine: oil cleanser, gel cleanser, exfoliate (twice a week at night), toner, serum, mask (twice a week at night), moisturizer, eye cream, sunscreen

  2. axiom
    axiom says:

    its better to eat & supplement before you drink unless you dont eat breakfast, when you drink you dilute your stomach acid, its not a biggy but the more absorbant your meal the more your stomach acid will get to work with the "big ol glass of water" its not helping

  3. Louis S
    Louis S says:

    Using a moisturizer trains your skin to stop moisturizing itself it is very bad to use one if you are under 60. You just need a good exfoliator or retinol serum as you age to encourage cell turnover.

  4. Hunter Moericke
    Hunter Moericke says:

    lol I saw tiege hanley and immediately paused it and came down to comment, and i'm gonna click out of this video after this. Tiege hanley may work for some people, but for me it didn't make my acne worse, which can be a good sign for it clearing up in the future, it actually just stayed the same, I even used the acne system. And I also followed the amount and directions to the T and i still ran out of product before the next shipment.

  5. Dat Mex
    Dat Mex says:

    I don't hate and I am all for using moisturize but after that things start getting a lil fruity special lip cream and eye cream TF?! Just exercise, eat healthy, use moisturize and drink a bunch of water is good enough anything beyond that is effeminate territory.

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