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Hey babes! Today, I am showing you a super easy trick on how to reduce your wrinkles with only 3 products. I am sure you will love it! How do you reduce the appearance of wrinkles? What other videos would you like to see? Please don’t forget to subscribe! XOXO
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

46 replies
  1. Kim Baker
    Kim Baker says:

    Girl seriously, maybe this works for you because you really don’t have wrinkles yet, because if you did you would no that powder and wrinkles especially under the eyes don’t mix unless you truly want crepe under eyes. Powders settle into fine lines and wrinkles, they don’t conceal them. When you truly have wrinkles someday you will see what I mean.

  2. Anastasia Pati
    Anastasia Pati says:

    hi!! i would like to know if i could use setting powder instead of finishing like the one you mentioned….I'm really comfused and lost because of too many powders in the market! please don't forget to answer my question…its important… I have vetical lip lines and i don't smoke at all plus i'm only 39 years old….

  3. Joanna C
    Joanna C says:

    Lololol I love when I see people showing how to reduce the appearance of wrinkles when they have none! Wow, this is a genius way to hide them…see if it works in 5-10 years 😂😂😂😂! Just please don’t do one on nose contouring 🙄😳🙏🏼🤞🏼

  4. Luvs Snow
    Luvs Snow says:

    you are beautiful but don't make a video on something that you have none of show me tricks used when a woman 50 can apply foundation and it result in her 50yr old eye jaw mouth etc wrinkles( that exist) do seem to have faded and are less noticeable until then good luck with your 20yr old viewers

  5. Eileen Anderson
    Eileen Anderson says:

    ok, makeup looks like it has changed from the 70s. I do have wrinkles, plus I have started using a foundation, light and a mineral loose power that i apply on with a brush. So I need to know, what goes on first. is it Primer, foundation, concealer , then powder and when you you apply the eye make up on. Before, after or during. HELP

  6. Migraine Mama
    Migraine Mama says:

    I have been using this technique for about six months now and it really works. But I spray the fix-it spray on my forehead after applying the velvetizer by urban decay. And then I push it in to the four head wrinkles with the beauty blender using a firm hand. Wrinkles are hidden but not cakey.

  7. Jovanna Raigoza
    Jovanna Raigoza says:

    can I do this without concealer on? I feel tht when I still liquid powders make my lines show more and I'm just starting as well and don't want them to look worse!!😥

  8. Myranda Bejarano
    Myranda Bejarano says:

    Hiii there!! ….. I've only used Maxelder argan cream for a few days and I love it ….This cream makes the skin around my eyes look refreshed and smooth.
    It is not oily and it doesn't burn my eyes in any way unlike other creams that I've tried in the past. It also helps with my puffiness. I highly recommend this wrinkles cream w.…nyarganoil….c

  9. Rhonda Kienitz
    Rhonda Kienitz says:

    Hii people!!…
    ..If you have problems w i th the puffiness or circles around your eyes, I would definitely recommend trying Maxelder argan cream! ( You can get it in here w…..nyarganoil….c )

  10. Juliana Bakker
    Juliana Bakker says:

    Camila, I'm brasilian and I watch your video in english for treine my english (if I write something wrong, I'm sorry). I love you and you help me too much! Can you make some videos calling some people? I think this is cool! I know you will not read this mensage, but is ok! 💗

  11. Katherina
    Katherina says:

    I've used this product for years now!!! Have tried several different products and always go back to this one.. I use Ultra argan life Organic Argan Oil Treatment around the eye and lip area. I purchase it from ebay.

  12. Barbara  Hernandez
    Barbara Hernandez says:

    Camila o seu nariz não fica nada bem assim, não percebo porque faz esse contorno, o seu nariz é lindo, somos seres imperfeitos, não temos de ter feições perfeitas.

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