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To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, see how to get the new Duchess of Sussex’s wedding makeup look of glowing skin, bold brows, smokey eye makeup, and pink lips. Nic from Pixiwoo shows you how to recreate the makeup look Meghan Markle wore in the 2018 Royal Wedding in a few steps using Real Techniques brushes.

For the Royal Wedding Meghan Markle wore her classic makeup look. Nic takes you through every step of the look from a light, glowing foundation to delicately pink lips while sharing her thoughts on the new addition to the Royal family. What makes this look unique to Meghan is the bold brows, so don’t forget to define and intensify your own. Watch this makeup tutorial to recreate the Royal Wedding makeup look for yourself.

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  1. LegalEagle tay
    LegalEagle tay says:

    This does not match Meghan’s wedding makeup at all – her eyelids were matte and dark (she did not have glittery/glossy bright eyelids) and she wore thick curly false lashes. Her pinky lips were also not glossy – her lip colour was creamy, not glossy.

  2. mhh hl
    mhh hl says:

    Honestly I didn’t really like Meghan’s make up. It’s true that it was very “her” which is really nice, but I felt like it looked really worn in, especially the face and lips. I was missing a touch of blush/bronzer and some lip color. She looked beautiful nonetheless

  3. Atlantis Fae
    Atlantis Fae says:

    I heard her makeup artist used a korean sunscreen CC primer to get the glow and I'm trying to work out the brand! I thought possibly Erborian but it might not be glowy enough

  4. Atlantis Fae
    Atlantis Fae says:

    This is such an incredibly beautiful look, as an MUA I'm having a love hate relationship with brides atm, the ones that never wear makeup and are having themed 1920's weddings with dark eyes and lips, trying to tell them they probably won't like not looking like themself on that big day – and obviously they are never happy with the result nomatter how soft I do it! But this tutorial gives me faith in simple, beautiful glowy bridal makeup. <3

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