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Nails, Nail art using a Toothpick. In this Nail tutorial I paint my nails with 5 beautiful nail art designs using a toothpick! Wonder how to paint your nails at home with home made nail art tools? This nails tutorial will show you 5 cute nail designs step by step: hippo nail art, cat nails, sugar skull nails, Minnie mouse nails and sheep nail art. I love nail art and I love filming how to tutorials with beautiful nails designs for you guys. These step by step nail art designs are perfect for beginners, since you don’t need any nail art tools. This nail art is perfect for short nails, but can be painted on long nails too. Just look around your house and you can find a lot of dotting tool substitutes! Pens, bobby pins, safety pins, q-tips and of course toothpicks! If you want I can make a tutorial on DIY dotting tools.

The first design I show in this toothpick nail art tutorial is a hippo nail design. It is just so easy to make and looks super cute in the end. This is a perfect nail art for beginners. All you need is two shades of blue nail polish, a white nail polish and a toothpick. I love nail designs like this one – quick, simple and absolutely adorable!

Next nails I show how to create in this nail tutorial can be perfect for Halloween nail art! I show you how to make a sugar skull nail art design! For this nail design I also used a q-tip besides the toothpick. A q-tip allows you to easily create big dots on your nails. No big dotting tool needed! I love how you can play with different colors and decorations when making sugar skulls. I decorated mine using a nail polish, but feel free to to also use nail studs, diamonds, stones or any other decorations of your choice.

For the third design I show you how to make a lovely kittens nails design. Again a q-tip would come handy for the cats body. This is a super easy nail art for beginners! For the cat make two big dots for the body, two small dots for the ears and a thin line for the tail. And voila, you get a perfect cat nail art design on your nails.

In this toothpick nail art tutorial I also show how to create a beautiful Minnie mouse nail art. For a more classic French manicure you can use nude polish as a base. Or you can use any other color for a little twist to the usual French mani. I show both options in the tutorial. To make a perfect french tip, a piece of nail art tape or a normal scotch tape can help you out! Or you can use just a nail polish brush – with a steady hand, this nail art will turn out just as gorgeous.

For the last design I show how to create a cute sheep nail design. Sheep are definitely one of my favorite animals so why not having them on our nails! Green, white and black nail polish colors are all you need together with a toothpick. For the sheep’s body use a dotting tool and make a shape of a fluffy cloud. Finally, draw a head and pair of legs to make this adorable sheep on your nails. And if you want to, you can decorate the grass with some flowers like me.

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