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Hi Beauties,

So I had many requests to show how I get these Old Hollywood Waves so I didn’t want to make you guys wait too long so I quickly put one up! My curls were falling anyway! The curling wand is amazing and it’s a pretty good price too!

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Disclaimer: I’m so lucky to be sponsored by EV Beauty for this video. All opinions on products are true and honest and they are mine.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

29 replies
  1. shivrenjemmy
    shivrenjemmy says:

    you are lovely, -inside and out! Thanks for doing this demo on marcel waves..i have seen and tried many…yours was the easiest to follow. (i cant wrap nearly as quickly as you do, and i am using an no clip iron that tapers to a point) it was a bit more difficult, but turned out just right. honestly though, when i first seen your method i thought…now how is that going to make them in same direction? Lol. but it DID and i love it! thank you for putting in the time and effort, it makes my ability to stay sane a little easier on those rush rush mornings!
    Peacelight to you and yours
    btw..i would have never guessed that was not your natural hair! Very beautiful 😊

  2. Jody Hakala
    Jody Hakala says:

    I love to hear from like the 1920s to 40s everything about the glamour and the sexy sleek sophistication of it. but thumbs down, Good points on the uniformity of the hair curl and going in the same direction but couldn't really see how you were doing it and how you were lining up the curls and it wasn't helpful to learn anything I wanted to mainly see how you did the bangs in the front and you didn't really show that at all sorry thumbs down.

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