OPI Powder Perfection Full Nail Dip Tutorial
How does Powder Perfection work?

OPI Powder Perfection uses a unique technology that is different from the technology found in acrylic enhancement products, such as Absolute. Although both systems have similar polymer powders, Powder Perfection does not use a liquid monomer initiator found in acrylic systems like Absolute. Instead, a liquid resin or base coat is used for adhesion. Powder Perfection then requires an Activator to accelerate the curing of the Base Coat and powders, and initiate the reaction with the Top Coat. This makes the Powder Perfection system ideal for protective overlays on the natural nail.

Is Powder Perfection made of the same ingredients as acrylic powders?

No. Both systems use a form of polymer powders, but the primary ingredient in Powder Perfection is polyethyl methacrylate, while traditional acrylic systems contain acrylate copolymers. Powder Perfection also uses resin and activator vs. a liquid monomer.


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  1. Pat Reed
    Pat Reed says:

    Twice now I have had a problem with the brush for the step three top coat getting clumped up at the end of the brush while trying to complete the final step. Then the top coat gets destroyed because you can't get a smooth clean stroke from a clumped up brush. It doesn't matter how much time I allow between the final activator step and the top coat. Anyone else had this issue and figure out a solution?

  2. Thomas Anderson
    Thomas Anderson says:

    so basically just clear nail polish and pure pigment like you can get from the paint section of homedepot (its what they put in base paints to make them what ever color you want, even taking that white base to a jet black color so you know it is good colorant) man, what a rip for the price.

  3. Jasmine Jones
    Jasmine Jones says:

    Help me! I'm still learning how to dip. But I've done it on 3 other clients in the color princesses rules and it turned out beautiful! On the 4th client it seemed as though my top coat is dry looking and only shiny in patches. Please inform me why it did that, and how to correct it, if possible.

  4. Shanshan Liu
    Shanshan Liu says:

    I’ve been doing dipping over a year. I never been tauch to use base powder at the top. And since I follow this video. My clients’ s nails keep falling off about one week. Can anyone give any suggestions.

  5. Azrah Khayan
    Azrah Khayan says:

    This video goes too fast in certain frames and you can’t read the instructions. U have to go back pause to read and watch. Better if it was a little slower.

  6. Rosie F
    Rosie F says:

    I’m having problems with my nails lifting off after about a week? Sometimes less. Is this typical with the dip nails or am I doing something wrong?

  7. Renee Pratt
    Renee Pratt says:

    top coat isnt shiny and more matte like I followed directions and video disappointed with the top coat I will use with OPI get top coat for the smoothness and gloss texture I perfer

  8. Audrey Summer
    Audrey Summer says:

    It's dull because you didn't let the activator dry complete. Also, if the Nails not smooth then they will dull and the nails need 2 coats from the last bottle( top coat # 3).

  9. Geri GrosVenor
    Geri GrosVenor says:

    I was wondering why it has taken so long for this product to come and very few salons know how to use it. I found NexGyn a year ago and have my manicurist use it. My nails have grown and the powder nail never chip. I hope OPI Powder Perfection Full Nail Dipping does well. It doesn't take long and the nails look natural, not thick like acrylic nails. I hope this goes well and the salons use it. My manicurist told me about it, so we may try it to see if it does as well as NexGyn.Spokane Washington

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