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Today a quick tutorial on a YOUTHFUL SEXY Beach Wave ….SO easy!
Let me know if you would like to see more hair tutorials…

Beachy Wave Hair Tutorial

Paul Mitchell Neuro Curling Iron http://bit.ly/2KnVvQr
( Clipless 1”)
Keratherapy Keratinfixx 20 in 1 Leave In http://bit.ly/2UE0wIx
L’anza Healing Oil ( Neem Plant Silk ) http://bit.ly/2KmCyxu
Pureology Strength Cure : http://bit.ly/2UL3tXC
Kenya Platinum Finishing Spray 26 http://bit.ly/2KnavxX

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Shampoo http://bit.ly/2KuWaQa
Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner http://bit.ly/2UwtGJp
Moroccan Oil Mending Infusion http://bit.ly/2UH2F6a
Clips http://bit.ly/2KmlyYd

Plastic Face Shield: http://bit.ly/2UNcYFG

Top I am wearing: http://bit.ly/2UNeM1q
Similar for less: http://bit.ly/2KoL132

Makeup look from Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Review

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Beautylish: http://rstyle.me/n/vcjr29gwe
Nordstrom: http://rstyle.me/n/s829gwe
Neiman Marcus: http://rstyle.me/n/wfz9gwe
PremierLook: https://www.premierlook.com (CODE TAMMY15)
Amazon: http://rstyle.me/n/tykay9gwe


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Love you all…..Tammy


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  1. Marticia B.
    Marticia B. says:

    I love to hear you talk sometimes you sound like a gypsy lol loved the tutorial grand job as always, beautiful, gorgeous and glamorous, lots of love my dear friend, MARTICIA

  2. Kathy McCoy
    Kathy McCoy says:

    AMAZING! You have tons of healthy hair! So do you ever get antsy while doing your hair? I think I’m easily frustrated!! Gotta get a face shield like that 🤔

  3. Gina Dillon
    Gina Dillon says:

    I love your channel. I am confused though because you look so much different. I thought I was on a different channel. You said you had your lips done but did you have something to your teeth?

  4. Debbie Nelan
    Debbie Nelan says:

    I love your channel your such a beautiful women ! Love your hair video! Amazing hair you have !thank you for respecting women at any age ! I feel the same way about hair and skin care you do ! I learn so much from you thank you💜

  5. Lydia Glassman
    Lydia Glassman says:

    Love, love, love your hair tutorials!!! Yes, please do more!!! (-: ♡♡♡
    Which lipstick are you wearing, Tammy? I love this look, easy and sexy on you!!!
    Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely week!!! ♡♡♡ Lydia XO

  6. Happy Homemaker
    Happy Homemaker says:

    Gorgeous!! I'm like you I have very dry hair so will use sponge curlers for a curly look but I mostly use Velcro hot rollers… You have such beautiful hair😍 yes more hair videos

  7. Rockie
    Rockie says:

    It looks great! Reminds me of Bridgette Bardot when she used to have that tousled wavy hair back in the 60's that looked effortless. Thanks for sharing your products and honesty!

  8. Jana Kleinerova
    Jana Kleinerova says:

    Dear Tammy..I have always admired that gorgeous hair of yours…..since way back when I started to watch your videos…and really .your hair gets even better with age….I am in my fifties and just like you I have worn my hair long all of my life and intend to do so till the end…I tried a shorter style once or twice…no…did not make me happy..I missed it…My biggest challenge is the right haircut as I have been cutting it myself(after a few bad cuts I stopped trusting anyone with the scissors-too bad for me)…so I am left with my trims and not always they do it…Every time I watch your videos I try to figure out the lovely way your hair is cut..it is a perfection…and much easier to style when cut nicely…Please Dear Tammy …would you show in your video when you get a chance…next time you plan to wear it down how it is cut…it would mean a world to me..and maybe I could try to trim my edges to a better shape than I am left with for now….Thank you so much in advance…I have learned so much from you about skincare, makeup, doing a lovely facials..and I continue to do so…..big hugs…Jana

  9. Anne Rawls
    Anne Rawls says:

    Hello Tammy, recently you talked about Lanza Moisturizing Mask on your channel. Ordered it and used last night. This product is wonderful. I let it stay on for 30 minutes. WOW my hair turned out so soft and silky. Your recommendations are always the best.

  10. Deb Melton
    Deb Melton says:

    Beautiful Tammy – my hair is almost as long as yours and this was a great tutorial! I love all your video's – hair ideas are always great. You have such wonderful healthy hair – it always looks awesome. Hugs to you my lovely friend. xoxo Deb 🙂

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