Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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p.s I filmed this video when I first started making YouTube vids & have no idea about warm light & cool light LOL so the lighting is very warm toned & yellow. I promise I’m not orange, it’s the lighting!!! Lol below is my updated sunless tan routine & you’ll see the difference😊

❤S N A P C H A T – BriaCrista
❤ I N S T A G R A M –
❤T W I T T E R –

❤ L O V I N G T A N ❤

-*Deluxe bronzing mousse – ulta dark
-*Bronze shimmer luminous cream – ultra dark
-*Deluxe applicator mitt (free as a gift @ checkout w/ code “BRIA”)
-Tan removing & skin polishing glove
-Easy to reach self back applicator

❤All I want is to make a difference in someones life 🙂 Cancer survivor ❤03.13.2009❤Thanks to God!❤

Stay weird, positive and be happy..
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

34 replies
  1. Misti Trudell
    Misti Trudell says:

    Great tips!!
    So glad you beat cancer!!!
    I hate to say this but your hands are so orange. Have you tried St. Tropez? This just looks a little orange to me.

  2. Lisa Borsella
    Lisa Borsella says:

    Thank You for this informative video. I have been self tanning for years, and am always on the lookout for tips to make it even better. It's sad because, in the olden days lol, we didn't have many sunless tanners out there, and they were either very expensive,and very fake and gross. The big thing to come out was tanning beds! Noooo! I so wish I did not fall for that unhealthy habit. They actually told you it was healthy for you! Some still do.Terrible.I am 52, and thankfully, am told I look in my thirties.I did tan a lot,not knowing how truly dangerous,and wrinkle forming it was, but I also take very good care of myself all around, and my genetics.I see spots etc,and just know how much younger, and better I would really look now if I never did all that. That aside, I wish they had then what we have now, and wonderful people like you to give great tips! I was laughing when you said how not getting the tanner on correctly on the hands. is a tell tale sign that you did a lousy job, or do not know what you're doing.Hilarious! I just had that happen yesterday with my hands, and realized it in bright ole Walmart.My hand areas looked ridiculous, and embarrassing.Here I was trying to hide my hands, and felt like all eyes were on me with people thinking..ewwww.Does she really think she looks good? I am so glad to hear you are cancer free! My dad just died of cancer not treated soon enough.Thank You as well, for your sweet and fun personality! You are a doll. And beautiful too. No wrinkles from tanning beds in your future! Keep up the great tips.I also loved the back hack. How genius. Unfortunately, I do not have any mitt around. I use a big brush,and/or gloves. Need to find something to attach to my back brush. Someone said a fluffy sock? Hmm. Why not right?

  3. el x
    el x says:

    For the first day back at school I want to be tanned af but ive never done it before and I've only got enough for one use (cuz my friend gave me some) and I dont want to eff it up if im going into school the next day. Should I or not? Also u r so amazing and beautiful and congrats on beating cancer!❤

  4. Cute Stuff
    Cute Stuff says:

    Omg, go to dermatologist often, like every 3 months because I had a friend who had it and he checked too late (he treated it first time, and then in like less than an year, he got it again) . Be safe and may God keep you healthy and happy all your life! Bless you!

  5. S M
    S M says:

    Great video and congrats on being cancer free! 🙂 Question: Are you mixing the tanning mousse/lotion with your moisturizing lotion and applying simultaneously? Great idea about the makeup brushes!!

  6. Not using Anymore
    Not using Anymore says:

    Hey, CONGRATS ON SURVIVING CANCER! So proud of you! Now: where did you get your bikini top and your top the green/blue one with palmtrees?! I love them!! Lots of love from finland

  7. Katherine Timper
    Katherine Timper says:

    I lost my mom to cancer one month after I got out of the military. So glad you're okay. I'm a strawberry blonde (my gorgeous mother was the deepest read had her without being brown you could find, since her father was Lumbee Indian but my grandmother was Scottish Irish. my mother married A blonde German who had blonde eyebrows and blonde lashes-genetically screwed my twin and I over so that we have freckles and pasty skin. I have been using different self-Tanners for over 15 years. I was a swimmer in high school and on scholarship in college for swimming, and swam in North Carolina at a university on the coast. The best self tanner my mother and my twin sister and I found, was something called sea and ski which they don't make anymore and have not for years, the only downside was the smell. I tried Saint Tropez by doing a Google search on the best self Tanners out there, and the only difference that I found in Saint Tropez was it did not smell bad at all. I guess I did not get the one that everybody has been in love with- I bought the gradual tan every day body medium to dark. Not a fan. I will try the brand that you have suggested, however I noticed that you have the same problem I do, and it's your hands they look kind of Orange. Not too terribly bad at all, and it may just be the lighting in the bathroom. I am confused now though, because I watched another video and they are endorsing the same tanning products, but are claiming not to save lay one week prior to you and some other conflicting advice. I will try both, and I really appreciate your video!

  8. Jennifer Moras
    Jennifer Moras says:

    Found this video kinda by accident… and loved it! You are enjoyable to listen to, concise, and engaging… not to mention knowledgeable on the subject:) no hate, but right before I clicked out of a video by a pretty popular beauty YouTuber bc she was not any of those things- it was so hard to listen to… so thank you and I definitely learned a few things ♡♡

  9. Nick Marie
    Nick Marie says:

    I just bought a mitt by St. Troupe, but it feels like it is going to fall apart after one use. I use Faux Tan by Bare Minerals and that comes with a kabuki brush. I found that I had been really missing out by only using a brush. The mitt is so much more convenient, quick, and protects your hands from misplaced product.

  10. Shari Barrere
    Shari Barrere says:

    Excellent tips. I'm so glad I watched and subscribed. I have dry skin so if you have any hacks please write me back. You are so adorable hun. Thank you for the great tips.

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