Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Hi Everyone, make sure you’ve got a cuppa and a snack for this one…it’s a bit long. It was actually a lot longer and I considered splitting it into 2 videos, but eventually I decided against that as I thought you’d prefer not to wait for the 2nd instalment.
A lot of info had to be cut out of this video to make it shorted so please make sure you’ve watched the first video in the skincare series so you have all the facts before you watch this one.
Also…as well as all the products in this video, don’t forget that I also have botox every 3-4 months which really helps my skin stay smooth and wrinkle free.


BARE MINERALS Oil Obsessed Cleansing Oil – £22/$30
THE ORDINARY Salicylic Acid (if required) – £4.25/$5.50
THE ORDINARY Matrixyl 10% + HA (2 drops) – £9/$11.50
THE ORDINARY Buffet (2 drops) – £12.50/$15
THE ORDINARY Niacinamide 10% + HA (2 drops) – £5/$6
CERAVE Moisturising Lotion (Half a Pump) – £6.75/$9.27
NO 7 Protect & Perfect Eye Cream – £18/$24
NO 7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care – £10/$12
LA ROCHE POSSAY Anthelios 50+ Ultra Light Fluid – £16.50/$20.53

BARE MINERALS Oil Obsesses Cleansing Oil – £22/$30
THE ORDINARY Lactic Acid 5% + HA – £5.50/$7
SUNDAY RILEY Vitamin C Serum (one pump) – £70/$85
LA ROCHE POSSAY Redermic R 0.3% Retinol – £26/$59
ESTEE LAUDER Revitalizing Supreme Plus Eye Cream – £49/$65

BIO EFFECTS EGF Serum (every 4-6 wks after derma rolling) – £125/$160
THE ORDINARY AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (every 2 weeks) – £6.25/$7.50
SAND & SKY Austrailian Pink Clay Pore Refining Clay Mask (every 7-10 days) – £39.90/$49


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Shannon Nichols
    Shannon Nichols says:

    I love these skincare vids! Thanks so much! I would like to request if you could please suggest an alternative to the Bare Minerals Oil? For some reason, everything Bare Minerals makes causes me to itch so terribly & even has caused a rash from some products! I really liked the Bare Minerals brand and tried several different ways of using my daughter's or my mother's set's, but as lovely as they start out…it's an awful end and is miserable the entire wearing time! I don't have sensitive skin, don't normally have breakouts or skin allergies so idk why it happens but it does so I prefer not to even try again…if you can please just suggest an alternate. Thanks & many blessings!

  2. Corina DeCandia
    Corina DeCandia says:

    Hey Gemma, I am bit confused. So can we use Vitamin C and the Retinol together? In a previous video I remember you said to wait 12 hours in between. Also, do you no longer use the Ordinary Vit C Suspension, Ordinary Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion and the Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% AHA?

  3. Barb Mynott
    Barb Mynott says:

    Some day when you have time could you do a ‘teen’ focused video ? I would love to share your wonderful work with my grandchild…she is thirteen. Many thanks ! 🇨🇦

  4. sary .l.
    sary .l. says:

    Hi Gemma,
    So the EGF you recommend is to rich for my blood…however I found one at Asos: Revolution Skincare Conditioning EGF Serum.
    Do you have any opinion on it?

  5. Lindsey M
    Lindsey M says:

    I've heard dermatologists say that using vitamin c product on an evening is defeating the object of its purpose of protecting against free radicals as we arent ususally out then where the environment would affect our skin. They usually say its a day time skin care product. I use my anti-oxidants in the day and my acids in the evenings X

  6. Mary Argirelli
    Mary Argirelli says:

    Excellent video, thank you so much! BUT the amount of sunscreen you applied on your face is REALLY tiny. It's about 1/10 of what you really need. You HAVE to apply 1/4 tsp on your face.

  7. lornatysie1
    lornatysie1 says:

    I've been working my way threw it videos and I've luved them all. I basically use all the same things but it took me months of studying before I new the what to get. Wish I'd found u earlier xxx

  8. Zohra Khan
    Zohra Khan says:

    Would like to know more detail on the la roche posay retinol, how long do you use it before you see a result?
    I hav been using indeed retinol for a month but don’t see any result really.

  9. Corina DeCandia
    Corina DeCandia says:

    Hey Gemma, I was wondering, have you tried Vichy products? I have very crepey skin on my eye lids, and lots of puffiness, and I tried quite a few creams that didn't work (burned or I got swelled up). So I found this Vichy eye gel (after learning about the most important ingredients from you 🙂 🙂 Very few ingredients, packed with Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid. Have you ever tried it? What do you think about the ingredients? The brand? Here is a link:

    Thanks so much for taking a look! xoxo

  10. Kathy Grieve
    Kathy Grieve says:

    Love cleansing oils At the present I’m using Shu Uemura 5 oz $47 Canadian I think good quality skincare products are worth the splurge. Think how much we spend on coffee each day

  11. Halina Yen
    Halina Yen says:

    Hi , I just found your channel and love it!!! In your pt 1. video to this pt 2. you said to use oil last because putting cream after oil won’t get through. Makes sense! But now I wonder about my sunscreen? It goes on last and it is quite thin. Murad city mineral sunscreen. I really need that sunblock to work at it’s best. What do you think please?

  12. Jodi K
    Jodi K says:

    Just recently found your channel and I love it! You and your mother are adorable! I use a lot of products you have listed here and also get great results. You should try the Peach & Lily Super Reboot mask. It is a new one a week treat for me! Thanks for the fantastic advice!

  13. Abby Sparkles
    Abby Sparkles says:

    I just found your channel about a week ago, and I have been binge watching. I'll be 38 in a few days and I have found in the last couple years my skin has been changing, and I have been having a hard time finding products that will work for me. I'm also pretty new to makeup, well foundation at least. In my 20s I only used eye products and lipstick. As I age I need to cover up some discoloration and age spots. Your channel as been so helpful!

  14. Cas Ellis
    Cas Ellis says:

    Love this video. Bought a lot of the products over the weeks, but my biggest outlay was going to be the LA ROCHE-POSAY. Went to buy it yesterday and Boots had marked it up wrong and I got it for £1.50! Boots Harrogate if anyone is near there!

  15. Ash Qr
    Ash Qr says:

    Just Brillaint,!!! Can you plz tell us something for neck lines, and what are your thoughts about about ordinary vitamin C ( Ascorbyl Glucoside solution 12) or anything else in ordinary vit c

  16. Rachel Weinstein
    Rachel Weinstein says:

    Excellent video. I just discovered you and so happy I did. You’re amazing! Learning a lot from you. Look forward to watching all your content. And of course I love your accent. Are you from Yorkshire? Wild guess thereLol. Love from the States! 💕💕💄🌻🌷

  17. Leigh Taylor Ellis
    Leigh Taylor Ellis says:

    I really appreciate this video. Your explanations of what you use and why and how give me all I need to make confident choices about what to use for my own skincare. Thank you!

  18. Lori Alderman
    Lori Alderman says:

    I heard and read that hyloronic acid serums should be applied to damp skin. Is this true… does it matter whether or not the skin is damp or dry? Any advice…

  19. Catherineholmesmua
    Catherineholmesmua says:

    So glad to have found you. Well explained skin care advice , I’ve been so confused for ages. Thank so much for sharing this and the 1st video . Will need to binge watch your other videos now x x

  20. Amy Ewald
    Amy Ewald says:

    Thought you might be interested in this. Revolution came out with an EFG Serum that is only $14.00 (they also have some dupes of some The Ordinary stuff. )

  21. Carol Langman
    Carol Langman says:

    What briiliant and user friendly an older lady i have learned so much…i wear makeup every single day but realised i use the same colours and products that i have done for years 😲since watching you, ebay has been my best friend lol and now enjoying a new range of recommendations…Thank you Gemma x

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