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My Glowy Model Skincare Routine | 5 Clear Skin Travel Tips To Keep Your Skin Moisturized & Enriched, Advice From Beauty Experts I’ve Received & Personal Glowy Skin Secrets | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

To all my Dutchies, FIJNE HERFST! Which means HAPPY FALL, how do you say happy fall in your language? I have to say that I am really excited for sweater weather, BIG blankets to snuggle, and warm cups of tea! I know a lot of you are like me where you love summer, but does anyone else love fall fashion as much as I do?

My schedule is about to get very hectic. I’m in Columbus shooting for Express and tomorrow I am going to be flying to one of my favorite cities, Paris! I have to come back to New York for a day after Paris Fashion Week and then I’m off to the West Coast to shoot in LA! I always feel so lucky to travel and visit so many amazing places for work, but to be honest it’s a challenge staying fresh, fit, and healthy. Maintaining my skin has always been important to me so I’ve put together this little video with some skincare hacks and tricks that really work for me when I am on the road.

A lot of people ask me about the products I use for my skin, but I always tells them great products are key in skincare, but there are so many other things you have probably never thought about!

Give it a try because this works at home too especially if you don’t get a lot of sleep the night before! If you guys have any other tips please share so we can all learn more about skincare. If you have any questions please ask and as usual I will do my very best to answer all of your positive questions.

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The Jumpsuit I Am Wearing:

Four Season Spa New York By Omorovicza:

The Products I Use:

Silk Pillowcase Urban Outfitters:

The Beauty Chef Collagen:
The Beauty Chef Hydration:

Drunk Elephant Travel Kit:

Drunk Elephant product normal size:
Facial Oil:
B – Hydration Serum:
Framboos Night Serum:
Eye Serum:
Whipped Cream:
Sunscreen SPF 30 ( face):

Fresh Umbrian Pore Purifying Face Mask:

Farmacy Coconut Hydrating Gel mask:
Farmacy Coconut Brightening mask:
Saturday Skin Intense Hydration Mask:

Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask:

Gel Eye Mask Cold:

Omorovicza Spa Skincare:


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

43 replies
  1. Helen Green
    Helen Green says:

    Hi Senna, because it is so hard to find a comfortable pillow, could you tell me what kind of pillow you have and where I could buy it? I found a silk pillow from Cosy Earth that is the size of your silk pillow case (20 × 30), but your pillow looks so comfortable. Appreciate it.

  2. Semblat Dorine
    Semblat Dorine says:

    Hello Sanne!
    Do you have some advise for oily skin ? I know is not your skin type, but maybe I was wondering if you can give me some solutions

    And thank you for you videos because you are very peaceful and you give me my motivation !

  3. ingrid barison
    ingrid barison says:

    hey, I followed your suggestion on water and a good diet, and I'm also using some of the products you recommended (not the too expensive ones lol). However, I still have some blackheads on my face. They are small but I still want to get rid of them, I wonder how you do it. love your videos, keep the good work.

  4. Jeske van der Pal
    Jeske van der Pal says:

    Zo fijne energie heb je 💕🌸 ik ben nog benieuwd of je misschien een filmpje kan maken voor tips tegen acne etc en de producten daarvoor die je gebruikt? (Who isnt obsessed with that) Ben je niet bang dat de door alle verschillende producten een uitbraak oid van iets krijgt ? Krijg het zelf al bijna alleen door te denken aan alle duizenden verschillende producten die op de markt zijn. Keep shining xxx

  5. TajaS
    TajaS says:

    My tip is to wear the sheet mask on the plane itself! It protects your skin from the dry, re-circulated air, keeps it moist and fresh so it never dries out in the first place 🙂 Once you're finished, just take the mask of and leave the liquid to absorb into your face naturally, protecting your skin throughout the rest of your journey!

    Also, try Korean sheet masks! They are the champions of skincare.

  6. Affi Girl
    Affi Girl says:

    What's ur height Sis 😍 u are so Cute and perfect plz would u like to share ur exercise or workout routine for increase Height?

  7. Kristina Leunketa
    Kristina Leunketa says:

    This is not a problem while I am traveling, but it's a skin trouble so maybe you can help me. At the end of my last university semester, with all the final examans, I got really nervous. Because of that my hormones change, my periodo was altered and also my skin. I always have been a girl with a beautiful skin, no make-up needs, near a porcelain doll, but that changed… Pimples started to appear… Summer has ended, I am back to my classes, but pimples continue coming out. I am totally desesperated, sometimes I put my hear covering a big part of my face because i am having a bad time with this mess. My mom has bought me some Caudalie products to clean my skin and delete all the skin imperfections in an express time, but it didn't work like it should have done. Can anyone please help me? I know it's an hormonal issue and i cannot fight against that, it's just a matter of time and probably just a phase, but i cannot live hiding my face. Please, Sanne, maybe you know something that could help me 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Judith DeHaven
    Judith DeHaven says:

    Can we please talk truth?!

    No ice baths. Why shock your skin? What wrong has it done to you? Extremes are just extreme.
    Medicine cannot find ice bath does nothing for your skin. It doesn't circulate the blood any faster. It may make you pass out though! Good luck hitting your head on the faucet. But ouch! Take a lukewarm water shower.

    In short elixirs and serums are in short–BS!!!!!!!–It's expensive moisturizers.

    No evidence of consuming collagen improve your current collagen health/level. It does nothing the medical community can swear to in terms of "improving" ANYTHING!

    Sadly you can’t anti-age. If you could those product developers would be a richer than God!

    Antioxidants really just aren’t that stable in topical forms as far as their antioxidant activity like their ability to scavenge free radicals. There are thousands of cosmetic products: serums, medical-grade skincare–all the same nonsense that touts antioxidants–are frequently not functional in the product. You are just buying expensive moisturizer and/or sunscreen.

  9. Jona Girl
    Jona Girl says:

    What's the order of product usage with the masks and skincare routine? Like for instance, do you put on the Farmacy (hydrating) mask on after using all the Drunk Elephant products or do you just cleanse and use that mask and save the other skincare (serums and creams) for another time?

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