Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

My morning routine in Japan. Plus my current quick and easy skincare for acne prone skin. Skincare for fading scars and healing acne pimples.


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Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid
Poruji Emulsion
Klairs Mid-day Blue Sun Lotion–klairs-mid-day-blue-sun-lotion-spf40pa.html?a_aid=biibiibeauty

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Hi! I’m Bronwyn Papineau BiiBiiBeauty AKA Bii, Canadian girl currently living in Tokyo! On my channel you will find everything beauty related included makeup tutorials, skincare videos, hauls, reviews, giveaways and much more! I am from Toronto Canada but I am currently based in Tokyo Japan! Come with me on my journey to discover beauty around the world with tutorials, review, and even cosmetic procedures and treatments. I UPLOAD NEW VIDEOS 1-2 TIMES A WEEK! SO SUBSCRIBE AND STAY TUNED! 😀



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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

21 replies
  1. Faye Wilson
    Faye Wilson says:

    Wonderful acne guide “fito shocking plan” (Google it) to have short, sweet and also to the point with what food items to refrain from and improve ingestion for much better skin, eliminating acne. Everything is sensible. I do concur that the guide will help. You can find the information you`ll need in removing acne effectively.

  2. Tiffany Starbright
    Tiffany Starbright says:

    please don't say "you guys's"… just say "what's your morning routine?" because it is understood you are referring to more than one person. remember, some people are watching your videos to learn English, so try to speak as properly as possible.

  3. Courtney Byrne
    Courtney Byrne says:

    Bii could you do a video about skin care for legs? As in shaving etc. I struggle a lot with red bumps and irritation no matter what I seem to try.

  4. Elle Bauhaus
    Elle Bauhaus says:

    So if I wake up with really oil and gross skin, should I just wash it like normal? What cleanser do you recommend? I really want to try the glossier cleanser called Milky Jelly cleanser. I used benzoyl peroxide on my face during the day but I feel like it's really damaging my skin so I will look into your routine. 🙂

  5. Seattle Sheikah
    Seattle Sheikah says:

    Bless you, sweetie. My acne is really bad, even now at the age of 28. Luckily, even though I haven't moved to Japan yet, I do have a couple Skin Food locations, and Sephora carries Klairs and some other Korean and Japanese skin care brands. My mourning routine is get up, check social medias, brush my teeth, do my face(cleanse, toner, moisturizer), take my dog out, feed my dog, feed myself, and somewhere in all that, take my morning pills(long list of medical conditions).

  6. piggydiney
    piggydiney says:

    I started picking up the lemon water in the AM habit from both Taylor's and your channel. Def noticed an improvement in my skin =D Added some chia seeds and let it sit while I do my skincare routine just for some extra benefits. So good!

  7. Joanne Tran
    Joanne Tran says:

    Morning skin care routine, eating fruit yogurt, toast, bread etc. But I like to go out instead of staying home all day when I get the chance. Thank you for the video.

  8. Lee Park
    Lee Park says:

    what exactly is almond breeze? like almond milk? im lactose intolerant too but i always just use reg milk in my coffee anyways bc i hate soy milk

  9. Just Sheik
    Just Sheik says:

    Hi Bii! Found you through Taylor.

    I really like how you did this video. Artsy, calming and influencing. I use to be good at cleaning my face every morning and drinking my lemon water but I've been slacking really bad and I can see the difference. All I seem to do is get up, check my phone, rinse cold water over my face and then get some coffee. I use almond milk too, as I am not lactose intolerant but I just prefer almond over cow's milk. I think I'll go grab some lemons today!

  10. Zozo AMV
    Zozo AMV says:

    Oh I really like the fact the you have a sailor venus wallpaper on your laptop 😛 you gained a subbie. Also I had yet to hear of these brands but the sun cream looks awesome! Have you tried the etude house suncream? That's also super light!

  11. Helen e
    Helen e says:

    Your morning routine seems nice and simple! Do you have any tips on how to get started/be motivated to start your day? I find it very difficult to get up in the morning and start studying 🙁 Thanks <3

  12. Maya Sanders
    Maya Sanders says:

    A morning routine video is perfect! And you introduced some more skincare products that were different then previous ones. I always enjoy finding new ones so this was awesome. :3

  13. Ingrid Petersen
    Ingrid Petersen says:

    ahahaha im really allergic to salicylic acid so defiantly a no go for me ~
    i would suggest if you have allergy prone skin or sensitive skin that you defiantly test the product on your arm first ( do this at least 3 times before using it cause it can take up to 3 days for your body to react- lol i did not do this and came up in a huge red itchy rash all over my face, neck, arms and legs from a face wash i used…)

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