Turn up the volume to hear Serayah’s new single, “Driving Me.”

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38 replies
  1. KissFromNicole _
    KissFromNicole _ says:

    I obviously don't have afro hair but I do love it, it incredibly how much styles you can achieve with it and it is so expressive and real, i would love to learn but I don't want to offend any POC by asking them if they'd let me work with their hair

  2. giuliette
    giuliette says:

    Desculpa mas esse é o penteado mais horrível q eu já vi na minha vida…eu não sei o que é pior esse "moicano" ou esse macarrão grudado na testa dela… ridículo

  3. bby m
    bby m says:

    I love braids but those tight hair styles are so bad for your hair you’re gonna have to wear weaves and wigs lol having those tight braids in the front is why a lot of females don’t have edges bc it’s getting pulled out from doing it so much. It looks beautiful tho and this song is bomb I’m def gonna play it in my car.

    I’ve always wanted to try braids like that but I don’t appropriate 😂

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