Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Check out Part 4 of my new series: Beach Waves!

Brittany Layne is a makeup artist living in Nashville, TN with her husband, Jason and two dogs, Mia and Bentley. She is passionate about all things hair, skin, makeup, and beauty!

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Products used:
Beach Waver S1 Curling Iron –
ORIBE Super Fine Strong Hairspray –
Teaser comb (can get from any drugstore)

Video by Sandra Wallbank


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Nicole marie
    Nicole marie says:

    She actually seems like a really sweet girl! The thing is, you never really know what is happening during certain times in people's lives, which is why I'm sad about people still hating on her for the whole cheating thing. Listen, I hate a cheater as much as the next girl, but overall it just makes me feel sad for her. She might not have known, or maybe he told her they were already divorcing or that the wife knew. Now I'm just sad because if he did it with her, he is much more likely to do it to her as well, and I don't want that:(

  2. Brandi Fader
    Brandi Fader says:

    Hi Brittany… I just love you 😀😀 I know that you are getting ready to have your first baby yay!!! But I'm hoping that maybe you will do more videos I love your videos or maybe you and Jason could do some sort of vlog videos!!

  3. Julie Foxx
    Julie Foxx says:

    Are all of you outright insane? This product is sold and marketed as an automatic iron!!!!! What is wrong with you? Don't you read the directions?

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