Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Foundation Series with Alice. Learn how to cover up acne with Charlotte’s new amazing full coverage foundation that smoothes over imperfections to create perfect skin, every day.
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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

33 replies
  1. Lucy Maddison
    Lucy Maddison says:

    My boyfriend bought me this foundation for Christmas (serious brownie points) and I LOVE it. Used to wear Mac studio sculpt but am 100% converted to this. Love the coverage over my spot prone skin and love how buildable it is. Applied it yesterday at 7am and was still flawless at 9pm last night when I removed it. 😍

  2. Liyana Usop
    Liyana Usop says:

    My acne flares up when I'm PMS-ing so I don't mind trying this. Her website unfortunately does not ship to Southeast Asia! Is there another website out there that does?

  3. Jessica Pace
    Jessica Pace says:

    I really want this foundation. Can it be shipped to the US?
    I am in my 30's and have struggled with acne for many years. Alice is very beautiful, even without foundation, but the makeup made her complexion stunning.

  4. Ashlynn Kaplan
    Ashlynn Kaplan says:

    Hey! REAL skin with real acne! I struggle with the same type of acne and this is wonderful for healing it in the meantime 😉 I feel the same way Alice, I am 23 and I have been struggling since I had my daughter three years ago. I have normal/dry skin with acne though. It's a myth that acne skin is oily skin!

  5. Sydney Pomerleau
    Sydney Pomerleau says:

    I am in love with your skincare products! I am getting married in December and I want to use your Magic Foundation on my Wedding Day but I can't find it! Is it being sold in the US yet?? I am prone to breakouts and I treated myself to your magic cream and I was HOOKED!! Can't wait to try your new foundation! Love you dearly xoxoxox

  6. Suzie Molloy
    Suzie Molloy says:

    Alice, you're soo beautiful!!!! Don't worry about your skin, it's the least of your worries when you look like a model and ridiculously young for 31! Go you! x

  7. Ju M.
    Ju M. says:

    Charlotte Tilbury is an absolute genious. Not necessarily because her products are fab (they must be, never tried them) but because she knows so well how to sell them. Smart woman!

  8. doralaexploradora25
    doralaexploradora25 says:

    Seems kind of strange that the part where the foundation is being applied over the acne was edited out of the video. How can we trust that there wasn't concealer applied underneath the foundation? I love your videos but not a fan of this in particular.

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