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When applying eye makeup you have to take into account your eye shape. For instance, a smoky eye might look better on one eye shape over another. Also, the shade of eyeshadow you use might make your eyes look bigger or smaller. Basically, to find the most flattering eye makeup look, you have to cater to your specific shape. Watch this video and see how celebrity makeup artist Christina Henry applies makeup to downturned, protruding, deep-set, hooded and monolid eyes.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

45 replies
  1. Stella M
    Stella M says:

    It's a bit more difficult if you're trying to see what you're doing, especially with hooded eyes over 40. In opening my eye to see what I'm doing I just ruin everything I've done… And/or hide the lid from the brush altogether. I literally just gave up.

  2. Khabar 7 c DiGiYANA
    Khabar 7 c DiGiYANA says:

    My eyes are two linear but they are not look like much hodded to and tiny also tell me which makeup I should do for my eyes and which eye lashes are suitable for small eyes

  3. justchill okay
    justchill okay says:

    I honestly like her style of putting make up on. It's looks natural, not overdone like all these Instagram ladies….instagram brows, baked foundation etc.

  4. Peaches
    Peaches says:

    Jesus fucking christ, I'm not a make up guru, in fact I'm just getting make up to play with after years of not using any, but even I know she doesn't know what she's doing. She butchered the beautiful lady with the beautiful monolids, just like the rest of them, but even worse, like way worse.

  5. Goreius
    Goreius says:

    This might some of the worst eye makeup I’ve seen. Come are 14 year olds better then an “established makeup artist”. The mono lid and down turn lid makeup look looks like something I did when I was 10 that I’d laugh at today.

  6. Kara Elisabeth
    Kara Elisabeth says:

    The downturned eye girl, I feel sorry for her. The makeup was terrible, it aged her and brought attention to her pale eyelashes, something that the majority of people don't want. What was the makeup artist thinking? Coating only halfway with the mascara, mascara should always be used to coat the entire lash. It's not always necessary on the bottom lashes, but when used the roots must also be coated, anything else is just cringeworthy.

    And the hooded eye it's literally only mascara, the eyeshadow does nothing and isn't even visible.

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