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Here comes a hair tutorial on one of my favorite hairstyles: a big high ponytail with extensions and a cute braid or a twist in front. This elegant classic look is very versatile and can be worn in a formal and casual manner. It’s a perfect holiday hairstyle for Christmas and New Year’s eve as well as wedding, prom, ball, graduation, etc.

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✿ Elsa’s braid illusion
✿ Curly updo tutorial

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

48 replies
  1. Tasia Johnson
    Tasia Johnson says:

    HELLO LADIES! if you are having the hair extension crave but are also unsure where to begind ZALA halos are soo good for beginners, they are soo easy to use (literally flip it in!) and they make such a noticable difference!! on your look and your self confidence.

  2. Pleuni Felter
    Pleuni Felter says:

    any other hair dressers here? Personally LOVE ZALA hair extensions – great value, amazing price point for wholesalers and are extremely easy to apply! I am a stockist and its great their offer disocunted whoelsale options, personally will never stock anyone else and refuse to installl other brands

  3. Steffanie Hayden
    Steffanie Hayden says:

    Who doesnt love a good tutorial !! Thank you for this i personally have been a little alot obsessed with ZALA's youtube channel,love all the tutorial videos and style how-tos!! Love their hair extensions even more tho!

  4. Megan Markel
    Megan Markel says:

    Why do all of these people with good hair ideas have hair extensions? Does everyone have super short hair nowadays? I guess that is why everyone yells about my huge thick long hair. I don't use extensions… I don't need extensions…

  5. Niamh Frew
    Niamh Frew says:

    this helped me very very much for I'm sick of the rest of the hairstyles I know I'm wearing this twirled one to school thx plz reply 😜

  6. Sierra Star
    Sierra Star says:

    Thank you so much for this video! The twist version is so beautiful and simple. I never knew there was al alternative to the braiding method, it makes it a lot easier for beginners like me.✿

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