Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

DIY Self Tanner, Sunscreen, Sugar Scrub Beach Supplies
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Perfect for your beach bag!

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Today adrienne teaches us DIY beach supplies for our beach bags! A DIY self tanner that is super easy to make. Some self tanners can be really expensive and pricey, this one is cheap, inexpensive, and easy to make! You may be thinking why make a DIY sunscreen? DIY sunscreens are great because they are all natural, you know exactly whats going in them- no chemicals! and they really work.

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Monica Church
Shelby Church
Nikki Phillippi

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

50 replies
  1. 2B or not 2B
    2B or not 2B says:

    So here I was, on Just Like That, and I see this cool looking video. So I click on it. Next thing I know, my name is on the screen and I'm like, 'dafuq'. 😕

  2. Epic Kat Turtle
    Epic Kat Turtle says:

    Amazing diys but DONT MICROWAVE THE COCONUT OIL. I speak from experience. If u need to heat it up put a container of it in a pot of boiling water. NEVER MICROWAVE IT. It gets very hot and will break the microwave.

  3. Katie Kossow
    Katie Kossow says:

    No chemicals in the sunscreen huh? What do you think zinc oxide is? Or what the lotion is make up of? Or what anything is made up of? Everything is chemicals! I think it's really not a very good idea to tell girls to use a homemade version of something that is very important. It may not work the same as actual sunscreen, thereby running the risk of sunburn or even skin cancer. Just because something is not as "natural" as you would like doesn't mean that it's harmful. Please, please keep that in mind because you guys are really awesome and are doing such a great job with videos!

  4. Breanne
    Breanne says:

    I hate these self promo comments but it's not like the rest. I am starting up this channel again and I need 5 girls or boys who would like to be in this collab channel. We used to be very I guess you could say known but we decided to stop it. I am now doing open auditions let me know if you would like to be in it. 🙂

  5. Becky rose
    Becky rose says:

    with the self tanner is it one where you can use it like body lotion or do you need to leave it on for certain amazing of time then wash off in the shower?

  6. Aditi Iyer
    Aditi Iyer says:

    Dear who ever is reading this…. u r very beautiful and someone out there is crazy for u.. so keep smiling cuz life is too short to be unhappy😘😊

  7. Praa i
    Praa i says:

    Great video ♡
    But how long do you have to let the dry the self tanner? Or do you have to leave the dry Tanner? (I'm from germany so my english is really bad, i know…)

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