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YAY Halloween tutorials has arrived! i want to film a TONNE more to upload through the month, so if you have any requests, leave them in a comment! 🙂

This Years Tutorials:
Cut throat:
Rosie Riveter:

last years tutorials:
DIY skeleton wreath:
super easy spider makeup:
50’s housewife costume+ makeup:
DIY spooky candy display:

Music By the brilliantly talented Larissa Lambert, Check out her channel here:

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

12 replies
  1. Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee says:

    thankyou! im rubbish at brows, i find it so hard to enhance them too much without them just looking drawn on. id LOVE to have brows like audrey did though! xx

  2. Spiritual State
    Spiritual State says:

    Omg this is a perfect idea, you look lovely! I'm a Audrey Hepburn fan and I must say I would have liked a little bit more defined brows… I think they'd suit you too

  3. Umme Aymen
    Umme Aymen says:

    You're just as elegant as Audrey!You are beautiful, I love the way you explain everything (:
    Amazing and so beautiful! Thank you for a wonderful tutorial.
    Loved it

  4. Jessica Lee
    Jessica Lee says:

    hi thankyou! it's fantastic, my all time favorite primer, and i can definitely tell a difference in the wear time when i'm not wearing it. Also it has VERY similar ingredients to the Napoleon auto pilot primer, but its a fraction of the cost. xx

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