Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

In this video I’ll talk about my favourite products from last year. 🙂
I have sooo many products, and I have probably forgot half of them, but at least, here are some of them 🙂
Btw sorry for the flickering light in the background.. didn’t see it until after I finishes filming.

No products in this video are sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Scarlett O'Hara
    Scarlett O'Hara says:

    The mi vida loca palette is unevaible ehhh and i don't know what to buy to be able to recreate Your looks (they are sooo…magic!) Someone can help me? please…

  2. Luna Sea
    Luna Sea says:

    You are awesome! Most people list the products they are wearing & reviewing under the video for reference & to decide if they want to watch an entire video. The products are very out of focus too so it is difficult to see most of them. Would be a big help for your fans. Thanks.

  3. Alice Fröjd
    Alice Fröjd says:

    Jag bara älskar dina piercingar!! Har töjningar i båda öronen och har länge undrar vart du köpt silver fjädern som sitter i "tunneln"? (Skulle vara så himla tacksam för svar) 😊
    & vill även tillägga att du är grym på det du gör!! 👏🏼

  4. Maria Kantartzis
    Maria Kantartzis says:

    Quick recommendation! a great dupe for the gimme brow is the make me brow from essence. It has the fibres in it as well and is packaged very similarly to the original gimme brow packaging!. In canada its only $3!

  5. ExistentialAesthetics
    ExistentialAesthetics says:

    I was so sure your favourite mascara would be the Nyx Doll Eye mascara…! I also love the bareminerals serum concealer though I find that I run out of it quickly and it doesn't play well with all my other products (and it's hella expensive too…!), but it gives such a beautiful finish that makes it worth it in the end!

    So much fun to watch your faves, would love to see more monthly ones and reviews. Love your channel, you have such unique looks! <3 Can't wait for more LH Cosmetics products

  6. Merida Waleczna
    Merida Waleczna says:

    Hi Linda, I thought that…You know 🙂 when I'm watching You always speak about Mi vida loca kat von d. Can I find it somewere? Can You do a video about some eyeshadow that are similar?

  7. Carolina Díaz
    Carolina Díaz says:

    Hi Linda! Thanks for sharing this video. 2 Things:
    – It would be great if you can write the list of the products you mention in the video, a lot of us are not English speakers or we are not familiarized with the brands/ names, and it would be great to try some of your FAV products.
    – i would LOVE to see a makeup tutorial for (Natural) gingers/ Red Hair. For me it's really complicated 'cause i do not want to cover my freckles but i want to cover imperfections and dark circles (always have them), if i use mascara (i love black one) i can not completely remove it in a week, find the right way to do my eye brows is quite complicated… and we usually have really sensitive skin. There are not many tutorials for us! 😉 Gracias!

  8. Iris Medina
    Iris Medina says:

    I honestly dont understand how you are so pinned on pinterest but dnt have over 1 million YT subs!! YOU DEF DESERVE IT. I love your looks!! So original and beautiful!!!

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