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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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    Salut, je viens de m'abonner à ta chaîne…
    Je voulais te proposer en échange de t'abonner à la mienne…« esprits rebelles « si ça te parle, bienvenue !!! 🙌
    C'est toujours bon de tisser des liens entre créateurs de contenu 🙂 La Bienvenue aussi à tes abonnés !!
    Ps : activ bien la notif je ferais pareil.

  2. Noemi Nunez
    Noemi Nunez says:

    He yo loved your video, it was really helpful. I know you filmed it like 2 years ago so I wanted to know if you still recommend it or if you've found another self tanner you like better (: hope you see this, thank you

  3. Katie S
    Katie S says:

    The maintainer actually has tanner built in.. its just not as pigmented as the original dark brown cream.. its better to use this on ur whole body the day after doing the major tan.. also its a better product to use on your hands instead of the dark cream!!

  4. Rebekah Jones
    Rebekah Jones says:

    how often do you reapply to keep up the colour? And do you do a serious exfoliation before every reapplication or just a light all over exfoliation??

  5. GrayMill
    GrayMill says:

    Good Video.  I bought my 8 ounce bottle at The Christmas Tree shop for $16.99.  I bought the dark.  Also if you will use a couple of squirts of lotion with the tanner, I find it works better for dryer skin…and us older women.

  6. YariGlows215
    YariGlows215 says:

    Hi!..i recently bought the sunlabs self tanner in medium but when i applied it the area felt minty cold,is it suppose to feel that way?if anyone can answer me i would really apreciated…thanks.

  7. vinod
    vinod says:

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  8. 21hairgirl
    21hairgirl says:

    I do that and just use a darker foundation and powder to match the rest of my body. (My face is very acne prone so I avoid self tanners on my face.)

  9. TheBeautyCorner
    TheBeautyCorner says:

    haha No girlie your fine. Um. I would put it on your entire body. Because if you just put it on some area it might look blotchy. no I do put it on my ears, hhaa I get someone to put it on my back for me (: and yes I do take a shower in the morning!

  10. destiny jennifer
    destiny jennifer says:

    I'm not sure where exactly to stop putting in on, should I just do bikini lines or literally my entire body? Also do you do your ears and how would you do your back? haha, Oh! In the morning do you take a shower again or no? Sorry I keep asking so many questions 🙁

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