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Professional makeup artist Ellinor Rosander guides you to a colourful 80’s inspired look. Fabulous makeup and big hair, oh how I miss those days. Eh, and don’t mind the banana.

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Music by Mitch Murder!/mitch_murder


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Coco Star
    Coco Star says:

    I was a teen in the 80's we had not much foundation, usually just a spot concealer and then we only used powder with a flat sponge, NO BRUSHES for anything just sponge applicators for eyes hadows. There was not much choice wise. We NEVER lined our eyes with brushes as they did not exist and it was normal to use thick soft black kohl liner on inner water line OR mainly every one wore AZURE BLUE, ELECTRIC BLUE eyeliner and Mascara with a pink no17 lipstick that was pinkish irresdecent blue. We also did not wear false lashes. We used a horrid gawdy thick stripe of either tan or pink powder right across the cheeks in a line for blusher, totally over done. We did not use highlighter, it did not exist..well not here in the UK unless you were a Drag Queen. I miss them days! lol x Oh and we back combed our hair everyday, permed it and cut the side like mens side burns, really hideos and used so much hairspray everyone choked in the girls room lol.

  2. Iris Rose
    Iris Rose says:

    Nice, but it looks like I'd do this look to attend a concert of one of my favorite rock bands back then. My everyday junior high and high school look included lots of Aquanet to hold my high bangs (think Kelly Bundy) and of course I couldn't live without my fuschia lipstick! Also, at one point, I saved my money to get one of the coveted body wave perms which were popular as well.

  3. Daun Ledford
    Daun Ledford says:

    It’s funny to see a remake of 80’s makeup. I wish I had my teen photos. I was able to do Swim team everyday and my makeup never moved or came off. The eye makeup is too modern in style and only one color. Think rainbow would be more correct. Lip color is about right or a mauve. Bright Blue eyeliner in waterline and lower lash line.

  4. Ben Zineb Yosr
    Ben Zineb Yosr says:

    Not accurate, no one did their makeup this way in the 80s, bold colors yes ( depend of the event most everyday makeup was in neutral colors) but applied differently, no one looked clownish like in this video

  5. Kaye Crawshaw
    Kaye Crawshaw says:

    Good effort but in the 80s the make up wasn’t as good quality and pigmented like these days. Most people used cheap stuff from the chemists. Well I did anyway.

  6. paris glz
    paris glz says:

    Esta muy bonito, ese maquillaje es el que quiero aprender a ponerme, los colores fuertes y los colores pastel me encantan, gracias por subirlo, linda modelo.

  7. Nikki Wright
    Nikki Wright says:

    This is bordering on Dale Bozzio from Missing Persons, and she was definitely an exception to your average makeup/hair routine. The look in this video is fine if you're going to an 80's party "lol, the mobile phones were so big, am I right?!" but in terms of integrating it into your daily routine….. ehhhhhh.

    I stand by what some other commenters said, I'd like to see a video done by someone who actually put on makeup in the 80's as opposed to learning to walk.

  8. _PlanetOMars_
    _PlanetOMars_ says:

    Why is this comment section so damn bitchy?? Christ, can’t y’all have a little positivity? Get your panties out of the knot you have them in and relax.

  9. Emily snith Beauty blog
    Emily snith Beauty blog says:


  10. Sarah McKinney
    Sarah McKinney says:

    This is so creative. I love the use of news pieces in the background amongst the electronic music. Very effective! Amazing! I subscribed and liked! 💯

  11. captainbrunch
    captainbrunch says:

    Makeup was great but I think it would of looked more 80's if you had a tight slicked back bun with a sidepart. Your bangs still looked modern but other than that great!

  12. Dontbthirsty -Notadrink
    Dontbthirsty -Notadrink says:

    I never wore makeup anything close to that in the 80z, not as a model, a school girl or ever.
    Mostly it was much more toned down. Colored mascara was a thing that cosmetic companies tried to push. No girl I knew ever bought a 2nd tube bc it was ugly.
    Early 80s was a bit like Instagram, minus heavy highlighter.
    Later 80s, matte and eartones were big on eyes, brows were heavy and lips were red.
    I graduated in 87 and mo one wore makeup.
    The bright pink lipstick waa a thing in the early 80s, but applied much more softly. And only girls with no sense of style wore blush that btmright and thick.
    Nice try, but missed nearly every mark.

  13. M L
    M L says:

    I love the lipstick and color whats the name
    I wonder if she was even around in the 80s i was a small girl then

  14. M L
    M L says:

    Blush pretty color but way to much looks clown like and the sad thing os no matter how much videos makeovers i get i can't ever look good

  15. ihavenochannel
    ihavenochannel says:

    sooooo…..where's the tutorial part? You know, the part where you tell us steps for the look….that's what a tutorial is. This felt more like an ad….

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