Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Sorry about the weird zooming in problem , I forgot to change my camera setting before I filmed this. Hope you enjoyed this and that it helped some of you out if you were thinking of trying these out!

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My Fake Bake Flawless selftanner review :


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

20 replies
  1. Sequin Jackson
    Sequin Jackson says:

    Thanks for posting the reviews on the Equate tanners. I will look for the lotion the next time I go to Walmart or order online if they are out of stock.

  2. Kristina Marquez
    Kristina Marquez says:

    I know this is off topic,but r u a blonde naturally? I notice yr roots r light.I do hair for a living,so I notice roots fast. U look pretty w any hair color. 🙂

  3. Samantha Gigstead
    Samantha Gigstead says:

    I just got this and tested it out on my legs hopefully i wake up with some color..i applied it to my gloves and tried to do it but it was so hard to see where it was going so i just sprayed it straight from the bottle. have u used the sun labs spray tan? that one works like a dream its around $14 on ebay. I love the fake bake 60 min tan spray too but they are a bit pricey.

  4. Shay D
    Shay D says:

    I've never self tanned before and I was wondering if either the spray or the lotion would be a good choice for an important event I have coming up in like 2 or so weeks?

  5. Dr Dwg
    Dr Dwg says:

    I am a guy who is in medicine and did research on tanning beds, they seem somewhat unhealthy, looking for a self tanner mainly for my white legs haha, i saw tons of fake bake reviews on amazon.

    It seems famous daves is where it may be? I have never used a self tan, how do I go about finding a brand? Thx

  6. Samy Rae
    Samy Rae says:

    Im gonna have to pick up the spray next time I go! 🙂 I use the fake bake flawless and the sun labs which I love, but Im always up for trying new ones! lol

  7. WhatsUpKristie
    WhatsUpKristie says:

    I tried the mousse one quite awhile ago and was not a fan. The color washed off of me too. Also I think the color was a bit off on my skin tone or something. I like a golden tan without the orange factor. Maybe I will try the spray 🙂

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