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Feel best on your interview day! I’ve got some makeup AND confidence tips for you! Hope you enjoy!

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Other Products used:
NYX Angel veil primer
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye
Be a Bombshell finishing powder
Morphe 35O palette
NYC liquid liner
Ardell Demi Wispies lashes
Rimmel Exaggerate nude liner
Loreal Telescopic mascara
MUFE HD foundation #127
Nars Custard Concealer
Benefit Watt’s Up Cream highlighter
Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder
Mac Select powder NC30
ABH Light Cream contour kit
Benefit Hula bronzer
Hot Makeup Desert Sunrise blush
Elf Golden bronzer
Mac Boldly Bare liner
Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick
Dose of Colors Bellini lipgloss
ABH Pro Pencil Base 1

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

32 replies
  1. Amelia Andrews
    Amelia Andrews says:

    Can you do a video tutorial on the "function" of each item you used in the order that you applied? I hear words like Primer, base coat, random #'s with more paint brushes then I had in art class. Which gets even more "huh" when i think it all looks the same until you add actual colors?!?! Would greatly appreciate it. (Best approach i think is if you were explaining it to your 5yr old daughter when she asks what your doing in the morning as you apply lol) Thanks again. Seen a few of your videos and love that they aren't over complicated and "Diva-ish" like so many others. Love your smile btw 🙂 Super White lol

  2. Aifa Haziqah
    Aifa Haziqah says:

    Honestly, I tried this make up look for my job interview last week & they immediately decided to hire me 3 hours later via email 😭😭😭 I was pretty confident I nailed the make up look that made the director decided to hire me. THANK YOUUU ❤️

  3. Brandy Yolidio
    Brandy Yolidio says:

    My friends mom had an interview with a huge corporation and was very qualified. The first interviewer was a middle aged male. She wore very modest makeup (Nude lip, dusty rose shadow and minimum foundation) and he loved her. The second interview was with 2 women who were probably in their 50's. She said it went awful and of course she did not get it. When she sled why she was told you do not wear lipstick to an interview??!! Really???

  4. Helene Dahlsveen
    Helene Dahlsveen says:

    I have a job interview at burger king tomorrow and my parents said that i should not do foundation or anything like that… just mascara, a little brows and concealer… i don’t like that:( i don’t feel good unless i have my full face if makeup on:( and i can’t tomorrow

  5. DIY Already!
    DIY Already! says:

    I have a career fair pretty soon. Was wondering how to look proper without being too colorful. I’m so glad I came across your video. I just wanna say thank you. Love you so much.

  6. Bella R
    Bella R says:

    Walmart job interview two days from now. Been unemployed for a while and I've been needing this encouragement , pray for me!

  7. Neliza Drew
    Neliza Drew says:

    This is very pretty and all, but I need interview makeup for people who don't own $700 worth of brushes and products, live in a climate where makeup turns into a gooey mess by 10am, and/or do not have the skill to do any of this.

  8. Martha
    Martha says:

    Very helpful tips! But I would be broke if I had to buy all these cosmetics! All these steps to look natural for a job interview ok.

  9. Make-Up Addiction
    Make-Up Addiction says:

    I wasn't going for a job interview but I'm in desperate need to cut down the time it takes me in the morning. I'm ashamed to say it takes me an hour to do my make-up. I think this routine would save me 20mins easy! 😊 I don't have to blend so much in the eye. I love love this video. Best one! Eveb better than get ready video in 10mins because that just gave me anxiety 😂😂😂

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