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This is where we window shop all the new things and trends coming out in beauty and makeup land for spring 2019. Today we’re focusing on Trixie Cosmetics, new eyeliners from Fenty, Sephora and Moschino (and my commitment to pronouncing things right lol) and more! LET ME KNOW WHAT TO INCLUDE FOR NEXT THURSDAY’S EPISODE!

New Fenty Beauty Eyeliners:
Trixie Cosmetics:
Love Luxe Beauty:
Sephora + Moschino Collection
Viseart Single Shadows:

MY AMAZON STOREFRONT (ALL the things you’ve asked about):

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Too Faced BTS Mascara
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Brazilian BumBum Cream (The hype is not a joke)

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

39 replies
  1. freethetomatoes
    freethetomatoes says:

    I spent 170 on a Pat McGrath's beautiful and I love the blue shade in it…I don't regret it and would not return it but I would hands down NEVER!!!! Do that again. One and done! Sorry all other 150+ stuff…you snooze you lose!

  2. _sugarbunny_
    _sugarbunny_ says:

    The Moschino collection is doing me a big confuse. If anything it's grad season not back to school, and because it's in the same kind of packaging pencils and pens come it it just reads so cheap :(.

  3. princessnjj
    princessnjj says:

    but do you like Moschino collection, you talked more about the controversy. I personally dont think it was a rip off, its not even crayons, its just school supplies. I mean if thats the case, are people really talking about the two or 3 different companies making food palettes, burgers, pizza and what not.. I would like your thoughts on the collection tho.. I only got the pallete and the brushes, last collection i got almost all of it…

  4. I'm.The.Wanderess
    I'm.The.Wanderess says:

    The big issue with the Moschino x Sephora collection is because the company that made the Box of Crayons palette (The Crayon Case) has a lot of very similar products as this collection.

  5. The Geeky Princess
    The Geeky Princess says:

    Moschino actually has a history of taking these ideas from other people, and it wasn’t just the crayons palette. They also had pencil themed brushes and other school supply themed things in their collection. shrugs

  6. Brianna Zealand
    Brianna Zealand says:

    I think that taking the idea of art supplies as makeup is an obvious idea. So obvious that I dont think you can really copy it. How do you copy an idea that everyone had thought of before. Like using baking powder with baking theme. Obvious you know. Like duh.

  7. Lady Vertical
    Lady Vertical says:

    I love Trixie Mattel. I'll buy anything she puts out if it's in my price range.
    I still want to try the fenty foundation but I mostly check them for their highlighters.
    I really like the bae Cae set of liners with the colors to pop with the white.
    I like the SephoraxMoscino collection but I'm a bit sad cause it seems like the whole thing is copied from Supa Cent's brand The Crayon Case . She had more than the Box of Crayons. She had the erasers n pencils if I recall as well, a couple other things. Even the Sharpie as an eyeliner she already had. They copied the whole line except maybe the laptop? She's a smaller black-owned indie brand so it sucks.

  8. D Milling
    D Milling says:

    Y’all just love to overlook things when a “famous” man does something in bad taste because he’s “famous”. 🙄 if Moschino is know for taking ordinary objects and making them extraordinary, then he could’ve literally taken ANYTHING else and made it into makeup. Those brushes are a literal ripoff whether y’all want to admit it or not. 🙄🙄

  9. Stephanie Bolen
    Stephanie Bolen says:

    I've been looking for colorful eyeliner. I want to have a pastel, hue, tone, and shade of every color on the color wheel. In eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. So anyone want to shout out cheap options

  10. Larissa Hostetter
    Larissa Hostetter says:

    People will point fingers and call copying, when I find it more inspirational. I mean Benefit has the concealers like a pencil. I mean its very few in between you get a very unique never though of idea. Everything mostly comes from inspiration. I think because I am a graphic designer i see more inspiration when it comes to these makeup packaging designs. Because like I said it is very rare to get a unique authentic design that has never been thought of be4. But are these a little too much like each other? Maybe the eraser sponges or pencil brushes, That Crayola makeup company doesn't own that design, That's isn't a unique thought to think of; using stationary items and turn them into makeup products. I even thought someone should come out with stationary makeup awhile ago. I mean its not unique so you can' call copycat. But this in JMO. Not at all saying what i am saying is truth. JMO

  11. Kai Vickers
    Kai Vickers says:

    Regarding the Moschino release, I watched TONS of reviews regarding the Box of Crayons palette and So Many of them were negative. And didn’t Crayola release makeup (whether it sucked or not)?

    My daughters are K and 1st and I can tell you that their school supplies are very different from our office supplies (home business).

    Edit: Have you seen the Glow Me Cosmetics olive tone palette? Zomg it’s everything!

  12. Alexx Fluhr
    Alexx Fluhr says:

    You mentioned you've been doing personal training recently and I was wondering if you could do a video or series of videos about your journey with fitness? I'd be very interested in hearing about what works for you!

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