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Here’s a hair tutorial on each of the clones from Orphan Black. You’ll see me transform my self with each of their hairstyles. Tell me which is your favorite!

I thought it would be fun to do a hair style tutorial that could be a group halloween costume or cosplay! Orphan Black is one of my favorite TV shows! There are so many different styles in the clone club! Alison has her bangs (of course, I did fake bangs!), Cosima has her dreadlocks and twists, Helena has her….? And of course I had to throw in Sarah’s braided undercut. Now you can be as brilliant as Tatiana Maslany – or at least look like one of her characters!

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What I used:
The Nume Octowand* (Code: LETSMAKEITUP for 65% off! )
Joico Hair Shake
Tresemme Perfectly (un)Done Gelee
Hairdo Bangs
–Purchased the dreads from PennyWigs on Etsy
–Followed to make them into a Dread Fall
–You can also google “DIY Dread Fall” to see all the ways to DIY your own! (You can even use felt or yarn, which is much less expensive!)


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★What I’m wearing:★
Literally everything is from Target.


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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

28 replies
  1. FerretsCantGame
    FerretsCantGame says:

    Helenas hair curl wrong. Wrong curl. It's more of a kinky wave if you really look at her hair. I do those knots all the time to make naturally curly hair, those are not helenas tho.

  2. Fabiana Rodrigues
    Fabiana Rodrigues says:

    Hi Kayley, I have some questions for you. How many dreads were in the fall you used for this video? I bought one and it has about 15 dreads. I also noticed yours has different shades and looks thicker.

  3. Jana goes London
    Jana goes London says:

    I tried to do cosima‘s numerous times but it keeps „poofing“ and never gets this tight 😀 i dunno what I‘m doing wrong, if I pull any tighter, I‘ll rip out my hair.. 😛
    You look lovely!
    And you nailed not only the hairstyles but their actual character!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  4. Kaoutar Meslohi
    Kaoutar Meslohi says:

    Hey,I would like to ask you a pair of questions about the dreads that you have used for Cosima's hairstyle:
    are they all the same size?
    how many of them did you use for the hairstyle?

    I'm looking forward for a reply.
    thank you xx

  5. Amanda Poland
    Amanda Poland says:

    Kayley Melissa where on earth did you find the glasses for Cosima!! I must have them! And Btw I absolutely loved this video! The best part was how you acted their personalities too! You had them down pat!! Great work girl!!

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