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Hey Dolls! Here is an semi-updated version of Pin curls for short, long, or layered hair. I recently took over 6″ off my hair due to me trying to get rid of the red in my hair. As you’ll notice, my hair is 50 different colors LOL. That’s because the red from my previous hair color keeps peeking through and won’t go away! I’m going to keep cutting it as it grows until I finally get rid of all the red. Anyway, I also added a ton of layers in my hair. You can view more photos of my shorter hair on Instagram. I had a lot of you requesting I do this tutorial with my new short hair. So here it is and I hope you enjoy! Also, if you want to keep receiving my video updates, the new rule with YouTube is you need to interact with my channel (commenting, liking, favoriting). I learned about this through Lilith Moon’s channel in which she goes into depth about it. See you next week! Muah!



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  1. Gergana Georgieva
    Gergana Georgieva says:

    I love your channel this is the hair color I have been dreaming off. But wanted to know if you have any tips on how to deal with hair color products for to achieve this intensive brown hair color from the video before the week is up.

  2. Carmina Villamizar
    Carmina Villamizar says:

    I love your channel this is the hairstyle I have been dreaming off. But wanted to know if you have any tips on how to deal with product build up before the week is up.

  3. Thalia
    Thalia says:

    my hair is in a lob currently passed my shoulders(but back is only just touching my back) and I was in a pickle trying to decide if I wanted to cut it and make it all even. but I will be a bridesmaid soon so still wanted to do something with my hair..this video definitely helped! thank you Ashley! I will be cutting it soon (:

  4. SilverScreenJean
    SilverScreenJean says:

    You always look gorgeous- make up AND hair!

  5. Void Gecko
    Void Gecko says:

    It's not because I'm being a perv, I clicked on the video to see the tutorial, but..
    Damn, you got some nice jubblies 😀
    Great video tho ^-^'

  6. Rafael Lewis
    Rafael Lewis says:

    It's always a pleasure to watch your tutorials- unlike some, you have such a pleasant & easy-going presence. Thank you for all your help & talent!

  7. Kabelo Barnes
    Kabelo Barnes says:

    Hi Pinup  Doll! Are you using finishing spray and holding spray? I graduated from Paul Mitchell the school, so that's amazing that you are using one of his tools!

  8. Veronica Boensel
    Veronica Boensel says:

    Thank you oh so much for your AMAZING tutorial!!! If it wasn't for your vid, my hair for my wedding would not have been a success!! But I learned so much and it came out beautiful!!! Much love 💚

  9. Rachel O
    Rachel O says:

    Your hair looks so much healthier in this one! I love it! I have a bob, and was trying to figure out how I can do this type of thing with what little hair I have 🙂

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