Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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This is just me rambling about everything that went on today! Had a lot of questions after i tweeted that i was cancelling my membership on twitter.. and now you know! 🙂

Like i said if you are interested in a future video talking more about the sun goddess product please let me know! I will be more than happy to do a complete review for you guys!

Top is from

Nails: Sally Hansen Extreme Wear in “Coral Reef”

What camera do i use? Canon Powershot ELPH 300 HS full hd

Disclaimer: I was sent the sun goddess to do a future review. I tried it out today because i did stop using the tanning beds and i wanted to see what all the hype was about on this product. All my opinions are my own. I would never say that a product is awesome if i truly dont think it is. They offered me the %10 off for you guys and said that i could have a small part of the commission from it. But of course, if you dont want to use the coupon you absolutely dont have to!!

If you are a COMPANY/BUSINESS and would like me to review a product(s) Please feel free to contact me via email @


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Priscilla Nieto
    Priscilla Nieto says:

    I'm Hispanic and have very fair skin for being Hispanic. I don't tan in a tanning bed or outside, I use spf 50 on my face and body almost every single day. I have no desire to be tan or dark and guess what? I know I'm super beautiful with the skin color that I'm naturally and I have no reason to change it.

  2. Kerri Astorino
    Kerri Astorino says:

    this is exactly why no one should be going to tanning salons for even a long or short period of time. thank u for letting everyone know and giving your own personal feedback about tanning booths and their effects. i'm sorry to hear what happened to your mom from this, but i've dealt with sun poisoning and reactions two or three times already. within 15 years i would've had skin cancer. tanning booths are as strong as the actual sun itself. unfortunately i am now allergic to the sun as well 🙁
    people should understand they need to stop tanning.

  3. lelechim
    lelechim says:

    I had a sample of that Sun Goddess lotion and I hated it. It does smell nice and has a very dark guide color, but it applies so streaky and dries way too quickly. If they made a mousse formula, however, I would try it.

  4. Kristina Marquez
    Kristina Marquez says:

    Wow,u look like my daughter in this video! She's 23! She has black hair naturally,but colors it blonde.Well, I color it! Her name is,Makayla! Are u talk? She's a talk girl, like me.

  5. Jaimie
    Jaimie says:

    I'm sorry I know this video is very old but I am very informed on tanning so I wanted to comment incase any of you can see this and it will help. I do not tan in a tanning bed simply because I don't have time. But I know a lot about skin I am an este and cosmetologist. And have tons of experience working in tanning beds and I am smart tan certified. ANY sort of exposure to sun, light, anything, is harmful for your skin, but there r ways to take care of it. The sun is the SINGLE most harmful thing to your skin. Tanning beds are harmful but ONLY because it dehydrates your skin, so as long as you are moisturizing your skin before and after, you r replenishing your skin and severely reducing the risk. Everyone should be moisturizing their skin daily anyway but let's face it no one really does. Now the reason why tanning beds are actually not as damaging as the sun I because the sins rays are more harsh than the tanning beds, because it is uncontrolled. The bed manufactures have to be approved by agencies who know about these type of things, if they were that bad for you it would not be legal, people just don't know how to properly use it. There is no way to control the suns rays on your skin.

  6. Tan Centric
    Tan Centric says:

    We are looking for people to do reviews for our product, Tan Centric.
    If you can make a "How To Apply" video or a "Product Review" type of video, please contact us on our channel or email us by searching Tan Centric on Google.

  7. Pamelina says
    Pamelina says says:

    Tanning beds are far worse than the sun. I had flawless freckle free skin and after ONE use in a Vitamin D infused tanning bed, I am now covered in freckles…. forever!

  8. catcat
    catcat says:

    U realize that tanning outside is just as bad or worse then tanning indoors lol. I truly believe tanning outside is worse anymore for you because the sun is just that bad. Where tanning indoors that can control the amount of UV rays you get.

  9. Chessie
    Chessie says:

    Are you still using this?  I've been going to the tanning bed and wanted to cancel for the same reasons.  Please update 🙂

  10. Mandy Nicole
    Mandy Nicole says:

    laying in a tanning bed is relaxing and feels good, like your laying on a beach somewhere. BUT is IS really bad for you. I have laid in a tanning only 2 before. And I am 28 yrs old. Once when I was 23 for an unlimited month and just last year for a special of 4 free bed visits plus a free spray tan. And that was just to get a base tan so i wouldnt burn so easily that summer. I ALWAYS use bottled tanner until i actually get a natural tan.

  11. Lauren Colletti
    Lauren Colletti says:

    love you! very true. tanning is SO addictive. i recently decided to stop tanning as well. can be really hard but good for you girl maybe ill start self tanning too seeing all your videos. your beautiful good luck to your mama xo

  12. kamal prasad Lamsal
    kamal prasad Lamsal says:

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  13. Prajwol Prajapati
    Prajwol Prajapati says:

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  14. salma ayun
    salma ayun says:

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  15. Brandi Dickey
    Brandi Dickey says:

    Stooping the tanning bed is probably the best decision you have ever made. I am 32 and was diagnosed at 28. Melanoma has gone to my brain, liver, lungs, ovaries and liver. Tanning beds are awful!

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