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☥ Become a Belfry Bat ❥
Behold! I answer the question I get asked more often than any other. Here’s how I do my big, bouffant, backcombed goth hair every day. Useful if you fancy trying something similar.

Also: you can leave this in for a few days if you don’t mind doing so, and just bung in some nice dry shampoo.

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Products used:
☥ Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum
☥ Garnier Clean & Fresh Silky Secret Detangling Spray
☥ Taft Full On Glued Wax
☥ Hélena Professional Wet Look Gel
☥ Schwarzkopf Super Styling Laquer Hairspray (war sized can)
☥ Garnier Pure Volume Shampoo
☥ Garnier Clean & Fresh Conditioner (war sized bottle)

Music from:
☥ Dreadful Shadows
☥ Voodoo Church
I don’t own any rights here, I just think these bands are great and ought to be heard more.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

43 replies
  1. Roman Arana
    Roman Arana says:

    I accidentally did this to my hair by scratching it with hairspray in my hair from the night before 😂 and now I’m wearing it teased daily

  2. Letícia Leite
    Letícia Leite says:

    I was looking for a way to tease my hair to look like pennywise and, no shade at all, this has been really helpful! Obviously im gonna style it differently, probably the whole thing, but it enlightened me, a hair noob. Thank you!

  3. Lillith Bloodmoon
    Lillith Bloodmoon says:

    @It's Black Friday Try products from "Big Sexy" they have this leave in shampoo and dry mouse that makes for genuinely gravity-defying hair that will hold for days. I live in Texas where hair is big in spite of humidity and heat, that is the product we use when we want our hair big big BIG. They are a bit pricey but totally worth it.. I know this is an old video and that you have a great routine down already, but I just thought I'd make a suggestion to maybe make your life easier.

  4. Paula Kruyer
    Paula Kruyer says:

    I used your tutorial to do my hair up for the Bowie Ball. Worked really well. I went as Jareth from Labrinth. It took me a good 45 minutes to get it down again though. Pity I can’t post the pic.

    Anyway, thank you!

  5. Charise Linke
    Charise Linke says:

    I wish my hair would do this. My hair is super straight, fine and dense. I tried to do this look once or twice and it always ended up failing as my hair would not hold onto its self… I even did a few attempts at dreadlocks near my ears and they actually undid themselves, despite everything. I do wonder if I dry shampooed the hell out of it if it might work better or if it would just make a gummy mess. lol

  6. K M
    K M says:

    …I kind of killed my dark side when I got a bit older for work……but now I'm a house mom and I'm definitely having the itch to start again. love your channel. been binge watching lol

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