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Want to create a stunning & attractive cross-over nail art design? In this nail art video tutorial, we demonstrate the step by step process to create this beautiful nail design using black and pink acrylic powder to create a cross over coloured nail art design. Black dotting and some freehand nail art is applied to complete the nail.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

29 replies
  1. Elsie Gonzalez
    Elsie Gonzalez says:

    I think that other girl that has the same YouTube channel I don’t like the other girl I love these videos I just think the other girl should have a different channel name

  2. Nella Bester
    Nella Bester says:

    how do you keep your brushes (acrylic) clean?PLEASE tell me its a struggle for me…..theres always acrylic on my brushes and then I cant use the brushes again Please help!!!!!BTW AWESOME NAILS❤

  3. Anastasia Shengyeng moua
    Anastasia Shengyeng moua says:

    where can u get the products u use for doing acrylic nails I wanna know so I can buy them and is there a specific store to buy then or is it online or at a makeup beauty store or what Im really interested in acrylic nails n I wanna do it like doing my own nails n I really admire ur work n its sooo unique n u do acrylic nails soooo good its ur like an expert at doing acrylic nails I really admire u a lot BC I'm a girly girl n love doing my nails n if I go to the salon they don't really do it good so I wanna know where u get ur products so I can do my nails the way I'll like it so yea n once again I love ur tutorials n I admire ur work n how u do acrylic nails so yea

  4. Lizz Roche
    Lizz Roche says:

    I would like everything except the pinching… :/ One of the reasons I like/use acrilic nails its the shape, hate when my natural nail bends a lot on the edge.

  5. Amadala
    Amadala says:

    Hello and good morning. I like your videos very well. I try always to elaborate. Now I have a question. What brush do you use for acrylic modeling? And how do you relate it. I'm from Germany and have not found a brush that I like. Many thanks.

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