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10 replies
  1. Emily Orlando
    Emily Orlando says:

    Gradual Tanner Notes:

    Tanner is like a lotion (no shimmer)
    Tanner has color when applying, but darkens gradually
    Tanner does not transfer on clothing
    Tanner has light smell (no nasty tanning lotion smell)
    Feels super moisturizing on skin
    Tanner does extend Mousse tan up to 2 weeks

  2. Allyson McAbee
    Allyson McAbee says:

    As this is a new product would you mind sharing a bit more about the gradual tan. How does it look when goes on, shimmery or looks like you've just put on regular lotion? Are you able to see any color right away or only after the 8hrs develop time? How does it smell, feel, rub off on clothes? Thanks for this review and your thoughts!

  3. Katie Sheremet
    Katie Sheremet says:

    I don't know what it is about you but you have a suchh an angelic face! You're just so beautiful and your features are so soft ahh 😍 but I definitely want to get the gradual tan because I feel like the other tanners make me nervous since it's so much easier to mess up 😁Thanks for the video and information!! I would have never known they came out with a gradual tan

  4. Sara Schmidt
    Sara Schmidt says:

    St Tropez has a gradual tanning mist thats amazing!! I use it for my hands and feet cuz I dont tan those parts w the mousse, they can look a little weird when you use the mousse but w the mist its perfect every time. You hands dont get messy from using lotion and it dries really fast. You also dont get orange hands and feet or dark spots on your knuckles or between your toes or fingers like some mousses can leave behind. I always do a second layer of the loving tan 2 hr express ultra dark mousse too. Its the perfect shade and really not that dark. I was a little scared at first so I got the reg dark one but it wasnt dark enough so I got the ultra dark and its a nice bronze color, like you were down in the caribbbean for a week minus the sunburn and tan lines. 😊

  5. Kurani Montijo
    Kurani Montijo says:

    You look stunning Emily,i think you looked absolutely Gorgeous with or without the tan! i have pale skin as well but i 💟 my skin …i live in México So i just go n play volleyball 1 hr on the beach when i feel 👻 😆🌊🏖🌞

  6. Heather House
    Heather House says:

    I'm sooo pasty white! I've been using loving tan for awhile. You couldn't mess it up if you tried! It always comes out perfect! I can't wait to try this new product! Thanks for the video letting us know! I use the exfoliating mit from sephora, love that thing! The ONLY tanning mit I will EVER use is Loving Tan's tanning mit!!! Its so much better than those cheap ones and you can through it in the washing machine and use it again! I was stoked when they made their large bottles!

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