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Today I’ll show you how to make flower designs on nails. This is a nail art tutorial for short nails. You’ll see it’s possible to make cute nail art designs on short nails. This nail art with small star shaped flowers is quick and easy to do.

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Used products
Orly – sweet peacock
White normal acrylic paint
Silver hexagonal spangles
large base brush with a very sharp end (exemple : brushes used for acrylic resin) here Roubloff DK13R #2
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Music: Anitek – BlueBird

Distribution Wizdeo.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

26 replies
  1. heather pierce
    heather pierce says:

    I would like to buy the roubloff, but the website is in French…. Is there a brush that is similar to the roubloff that I can buy in the United States?

  2. Lexa Nicole
    Lexa Nicole says:

    I've been trying to grow out my nails for a while, and they just seem to not grow. I cut them down as short as they can go 1 month ago, and my nails are still shorter than your nails in the video. Any tips on how to get them to grow faster? 

  3. jaylovesfootball6
    jaylovesfootball6 says:

    Lol no, she doesn't mean it's a short tutorial for nails. It's in the description, "this is a tutorial for short nails". How easy this was. I'm going to try it… thank you 🙂

  4. Paola Robles
    Paola Robles says:

    hola , como estas? me gusta mucho ese diseño de flores , pero me gustaria saber como se llama esa brocha que usas para hacer las flores o si tiene algun numero o como la puedo conseguir en el mercado ?

  5. poeven
    poeven says:

    thank you for posting in english too!!
    i've been subbed to your other channel in ages without even realizing that there were tutorials on the same designs that i could actually understand… 🙂
    i love this design – definitely trying it

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