Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

Tarte Brazilliance self tanner review time! I tried to be quick but I had a million things to say about this self tanner. Yall know I’m pretty into them and this one is definitely a good option. Like it if you like it! xo
Tarte Brazilliance skin rejuvenating maracuja self tanner

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This video is not sponsored but the large self tanner was sent to me to try.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Lolita🌻
    Lolita🌻 says:

    hello. I would like to know if you can actually use this also on your face. I read that if you use it on your face it wont break you out . I that true ?

  2. Emily Bailes
    Emily Bailes says:

    Sephora has a new Brazilliance Plus that tans darker and faster and has a bunch of new moisturizers in it. It's the same price as the original. Apparently it's exclusive and really selling out. I ordered mine last night so I hope it gets here, I'm almost out of my original bottle!

  3. Kimbarawr
    Kimbarawr says:

    this is such a petty comment but its pronounce mada-qu-JAH in portuguese you flip the r to make a d sound and the last part is almost said like chJah…its portuguese for passion fruit.

  4. Leex 95
    Leex 95 says:

     I'm a very stark white color (I glow in the dark) and I really wanted at least a warm,glow-y color to my skin. I got a sample of this tanner and after first use, I could tell a difference. I agree w everything you mentioned in this video: It's super moisturizing, effective, non-streaky, etc.I think that your tan is very natural and beautiful. Great video!

  5. Athanasia
    Athanasia says:

    Thank you for this. 🙂 I read on the sephora site (they have the big mama size now at the moment) a review that someone said it was runny and streaky. Is this true? x

  6. MokaTutu
    MokaTutu says:

    I wash my mitt quickly with a couple pumps of handsoap each time I use it and it dries fast over night. That way it doesn't get buildup and all stained. The Vita Liberata Tanning mitt is the best! I used to always buy the St. Tropez one but that one is way better!

  7. ISceneAshley
    ISceneAshley says:

    I'm so afraid of self tanner. I have bought this because of a fellow youtuber I saw raved about it. But, it's been just staring at me. I have never used one and I'm afraid of the whole patchiness color and I just bought a foundation(tarte amazonian clay), so I'm afraid of doing it and just wasting money on that foundation and also HOW DO YOU GET YOUR BACK? Lol. 

  8. Zoe Hume
    Zoe Hume says:

    Hi I'm in the UK and seen so many reviews of this saying it's great so really considering buying it, does anybody know where I can get it in the UK? Thanks 🙂

  9. Niina K
    Niina K says:

    👙☀️🌴 Girl! I've been using TANCAN made in Sweden and its the bomb. 😉😎 I've used it after the series AloeVera gel, and aplied the gel an hour afterwise to smooth it around. Its so natural! I'd love to see you try it out and review it. 😄

  10. Tia Dewitt
    Tia Dewitt says:

    what age did you start using self tanner? all my friends use it (im 13) and not sure if I should start using it. would love it if you replied 🙂 thanks xx

  11. Lauren Thomas
    Lauren Thomas says:

    Hey Leighann! Can you compare this product to the fake bake collection? Bought that self tanner after looking at your review. I bought the 60 minute result one, spray kind. Thank you! Love you videos girl!

  12. Rebekah Harker
    Rebekah Harker says:

    PS ive tried st tropez and xen tan and theyre both good, but ive just started cocoa brown 1 hour tan. its amazing. better than both! and only 7.99. The scrub and moisturizer that go with it are perfect in conjunction too. Its an irish brand but i understand its just been released in america! Try it!

  13. Rebekah Harker
    Rebekah Harker says:

    How do you keep up your tan? Do you apply every couple of days with a very light exfoliation before each application? I hate just doing it once a week coz your only really tan for a couple of days and your fading till week end when reapply. Your thoughts for keeping the tan up and fresh??

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