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This video is about Extreme Ingrown Toenail Causes Another Problem That Needs To Be Removed

Have you ever felt like there was something under your toenail bugging you? Like the ingrown nail was creeping under your toenail? Well, You don’t want to miss witnessing this removal. Because you haven’t seen anything like it on the internet.

The outside corner of the nail has been curling in causing what most people refer to as ingrown toenail pain. What people don’t realize is the body has its own way of protecting itself when it senses something is amiss and that is creating a cushion of dead skin. If that dead skin isn’t occasionally removed from the area it can get very crowded and tight under the nail. And a vicious circle is created because the body created more of a cushion of dead skin and takes up more room under the nail. There is nowhere for the dead buildup of skin to go but down into the toe.

205 Videos by The Meticulous Manicurist! :

205 Videos by The Meticulous Manicurist! :

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  1. The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials
    The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials says:

    Hi everyone! I am going to start doing lives as soon as I get enough people interested in watching them! Are you in? Text the word "Live" to 43506 I will be doing Q&A Lives and answering questions for all my super chat doners 😍So get your questions ready! I will be able to upload more videos this way because I won't be editing them, just doing the service live and answering all your questions during 🙂 You will get a text notification letting you know what time I am going to start. I am really hoping enough people are interested I have a new client coming in soon with a condition on the bottom of her feet that causes very deep cracks and I want to start a series of live videos with her services too. Sign up so I can get super excited about looking forward to them 🙏😘😍

  2. Kryssii
    Kryssii says:

    I always see videos on the big toe with ingrown toe nails bt I like watching your videos because I feel you do it the right way, taking your time & allowing the body to rejuvenate & heal inbetween sessions as to not traumatize the area more than necessary. Can you please, (if possible) do a video on an ingrown toe nail on the second toe (next to big toe)? I have a very sore ingrown nail on my second toe & been trying to work on it gradually myself bt its not as easy as a big toe to get under the corner & side… I'm glad I watched this video bc it answered one of my questions about why I have so much pain. I can only see that theres only a small amount of nail "ingrown" bt theres definitely dead skin build up on the side & corner thats very sore & preventing me from getting under the nail to remove the piece of nail digging into my skin. This seems almost impossible. Be wonderful to see a video on a different toe preferably the 2nd one so I cld get some ideas as how to alleviate the pressure & pain….ANY SUGGESTIONS would REALLY REALLY be deeply appreciated.
    Pained inthe 2ndToe 😰🤢👣

  3. Madison Poburan
    Madison Poburan says:

    do you use 2 different nippers one for cutting the nailing one for cuticles? I find that my nippers get very dull from cutting the nail. can you sharpen your nippers too?

  4. Alys Maslen
    Alys Maslen says:

    The only problem I ever have with your videos is that you don’t get every last scrap of dead skin and that you don’t wipe off your tools after every swipe but those are all things that are personal preference on what I want for my nails and what I do to people when I give pedicures. These videos are so satisfying but I’m left feeling like the job isn’t done.

  5. Karen Knopick
    Karen Knopick says:

    Is there a special terminology I should use when I call around, asking if salons do pedicures such as this? My feet are horrible because I've never had pedicures, and when I call around, I want to make sure is that I get service just like this

  6. Rosalind Gentry
    Rosalind Gentry says:

    Hi in your other videos you use something on their feet to get the color back. What is it and cab I order. I left a comment before love, love the videos.

  7. chicken lady
    chicken lady says:

    I know how great this feels when done properly. I am a manicurist and also get this second layer of nail that grows under one of my big toes. Not many people are willing to address it. I love your videos and can’t wait to order your tools!

  8. jackie davis
    jackie davis says:

    Wish I lived near you. My foot Dr will not clean out were my big toe nails are turing in. After watching you l know mine would feel better. Love your blogs.

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