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In this tutorial video Naio explains:
How to choose the correct nail tip sizing for the best results.
How to apply nail tips without air pockets.
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33 replies
  1. Lorna Maria
    Lorna Maria says:

    I started a gel nail course 6 weeks ago….. I still can't master applying the tip without getting bubbles under them, I've tried very technique going but they're still there or they appear afew mins after it's soooo annoying lol xxxxxx

  2. B Lauren
    B Lauren says:

    1:10 is where I messed up. I placed my tip too low & my nails eventually were breaking at the tip because I went mid nail with the tips. I had no strength with acrylic.

  3. hippyheads
    hippyheads says:

    you started of the video to far away from the hand and i could not see the most important things about sizing a nail tip.very dissapointed. i heard what you were saying but needed to see it being done,

  4. Nails Jazzed Up
    Nails Jazzed Up says:

    Your videos are so informative. I have a question regarding preparing nail bed for acrylic extension. As you mentioned that acrylic can stick to the shiny surface then why buffing of the nail plate is required. In gel it is required as the gel does not stick to shiny surface but why on acrylics is this step required???

  5. Paula Taylor
    Paula Taylor says:

    This may be a stupid question, if your tips don't perfectly fit your natural nails in size, do you attach the larger version centrally then file down the sides?

  6. Mary2912
    Mary2912 says:

    hello!!!! I love your videos.  I've been trying to get the pinching tool but haven't been able to find it in Toronto. can you or anyone else tell where I can get this tool. thank You.

  7. 1Hylidae
    1Hylidae says:

    The primer does not damage the nail, neither does acrylic. Improper prep (too much filing) or improper removal (picking, prying, clipping) damage the nailbed.

  8. Elena Petrou
    Elena Petrou says:

    It helps the acrylic adhere to the nail, if you don't use a primer then the nail extention can lift and come off quicker. Studying nail techbology 🙂

  9. Kiss Knit
    Kiss Knit says:

    So professional. You are dressed, hair done, nails in order and clean environment. This is what I want to see in anyone that tells Me they are a Professional. Thanks Naiouk for showing others what is expected of them.

  10. GoddessOfHavoc
    GoddessOfHavoc says:

    Hy Gemma. Im from Vienna, Austria. Im a huge fan of you and love your vids. But I have one question! What´s the reason you take a tip and not a form? Whats better to do with acrylic nail?

  11. Xi Rose
    Xi Rose says:

    idk why but i love your accent, something about it is so adorable!!! i lvoe your work and i wish i could have my nails done by you!!

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