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In this Video Naio Nails show us how to produce 3D acrylic flower nail art.

Follow this instructional video and with Naio Nails products, YOU can create this fantastic acrylic nail art design.


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Sunny side up
    Sunny side up says:

    Hi, I love doing the 3D art but you mention being able to make these on the arabella tips then take them of to use on the clients. How do you remove it and then re-attach it to the clients tip? Thanks.

  2. kerry hughes
    kerry hughes says:

    Hi, I av short nails and was looking at ur torturial on applying the tips that dont need fileing, cus u plz tell me the name of them and where I cud get them, and also the pink bead stuff u put on top, wot its called and where I cud buy frm, thankyou

  3. Aoi Hana
    Aoi Hana says:

    I want to make this but I don't know where to start, my only experience with 3D nail art is buying decorations then sticking them on with glue. Anyone wants to tell me what I need to buy and how to use it? Please 🙂

  4. Catriana Hersey
    Catriana Hersey says:

    i have a question for anyone who has worn 3d art before does it chip easily? wouldn't it be delicate? now i have a question for anyone who has worked with 3d art do you have to use special paint or just acrylics?

  5. Ashley Mason
    Ashley Mason says:

    I love your work! It's beautiful. I have a question though… when I Try picking up two colors for one bead, it never works. So I can never have the pretty gradient effect flowers like that… only plain. What do you suppose I'm doing wrong? Tfs! (^﹏^)

  6. Qrunscher
    Qrunscher says:

    When i myself do this, i clip the tip off, file it down so it's just pink left and file the rest of the pink so it's just a very thin layer. This gives the opportunity to redo or make a new tip when the nail have grown out or you've gotten tired of it. If you in the other hand want to completly remove it you do foil wrappers with acetone for 45 min and the scrape in downwards motion with a cuticle pusher. Hope i helped and sorry for bad English, I'm a Swede 😉

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