Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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This self tanner will make you super dark but natural looking at the same time. I loved the color it makes me becuase it is a golden tan. Unlike most others. Hope you get this and love it like I do 🙂

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ashley aebeidler self tanner best dark super natural fast instant tan tanning safe sunless pale skin easy apply sun goddess sunlabs demo beachy summer glow bronze sent me this product to use and review if I liked it. They also sent me the samples as well which I am giving away 🙂 Always my honest thoughts, ya’ll know I would tell you if it sucked! The coupon code only works on and they didnt say for how long… so I would hurry and use it lol


Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. chippedychapstick
    chippedychapstick says:

    well, I need a tan asap :p cause it's raining in my country already for weeks and in three weeks I could use some tan, cause i'm going swimming with my crush…

  2. TheCafeDisco
    TheCafeDisco says:

    I wrap a wash cloth around a long scrub brush. One of those scub brushes with a long handle. Then I put a small dallope on the wash cloth and use the scrub brush to reach. Takes some practice tho but it lets you reach!

  3. Gwynniedom
    Gwynniedom says:

    I'm still waiting for somebody here on YT to show me how to tan their backs ALONE. This is what keeps me away from tanning … I mean, you can't walk around with a tanned body and your back is white … Any advice? Especially of the visual kind?

  4. BeautyBella
    BeautyBella says:

    you should try this one or sun labs… its on the same website as the sungoddess… sunlabs is a bit lighter on the skin. still neither of them are orange though

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