Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

My previous self tanning video:

Self Tanning FAQ’s:

How many times a week do I self tan?
Once or twice a week depending on what I have planned for that week. I always like doing it the night before any events or plans ☺️

How I keep the tan from getting splotchy?
Moisturize moisturize and moisturize!

How long does it last?
Typically 5 days before it starts to look splotchy but I like to scrub it off during the week so I can apply a fresh layer for the weekend.

What do I use to exfoliate with when it gets patchy or to scrub it off?
I use their exfoliating mitt!

Do I know any that doesn’t come off in the pool?
I’m not sure if this would come off completely in the pool but I feel as if it would deff become splotchy a lot quicker. Maybe even instantly. Tbh I’m not familiar with any that doesn’t come off in the pool.

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Organic Sunless Self Tanner Discount

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  1. Kelly Moran
    Kelly Moran says:

    Do you ever see an issue with this formula being extra splotchy in the crease of your arm?
    Also, how long does it typically take to dry after application?

  2. Prtygrl44
    Prtygrl44 says:

    I meant to ask you a Question and keep forgetting Lol, How did the coolsculpting go? did you like your results etc?? Thx 😉 & You look like you lost weight since your other videos You look Fantastic Btw!!

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